What about this weapon? - part 3


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Aug 17, 2020
A few years ago some weapon concepts were presented, but it seems (I may be wrong) only the Stardyne ST-11 Assault Rifle and the Tessara Rifle were added to the store for sale, or as rewards for subs.
I can't find the original forum post with the original images, so I extracted them from a video that I have saved here on my PC, and since there's no information about those weapons, I would like to ask what you guys think these weapons will be like.

Continuing on the subject of handguns, here is the third weapon:


This one is also very peculiar, you can see that it's a gunblade, it even reminds a little of some Warframe gunblades because of the shape and position of the grip, and this time we can see an inscription that says "20 MM EXPLOSIVE PROJECTILES" which indicates the caliber and the type of ammo it uses.
Another thing that caught my attention is the very low bore axis, it reminds me of the TDI Vector prototype that was used during the development of the Kriss Vector SMG, in which the bore axis is aligned with the middle of the grip to try to reduce the vertical displacement as much as possible because of the recoil (see spoiler below).
So you can imagine that the recoil of this weapon is also very strong.

What's your opinion on this one?
Also... Would you like to have this weapon in the game?

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Jul 27, 2016
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This looks like it could be dual weilded, especially for those that like to make a big entrance.
What if the blades can be firing out to pin a target or use as a stepping stone.

Why is there a hole in the blade could it be they they move with an energy orb in that gap making the blades act like scissors or it could be where you can go pure melee holding them while the guns are holstered hmm.
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