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  1. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    I desperately want to know more about this
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  2. Schuu

    Schuu Firstclaimer

    I just want to shoot guns
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  3. Mahdi

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    I want to delve into all information about Crixa too but at the same time I want to wait and have everything be a full surprise and adventure.

    As far as just wanting to shoot guns....I am looking forward to the experiences akin to thumping in Sargasso Sea. Was my fav zone.
  4. Wyntyr

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  5. NimbusCloud

    NimbusCloud Reaper Leader

    I wanna know specifics like Power Sources, FTL travel & if there's AI. !!
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  6. Ammara

    Ammara Active Member

    Would certainly be a good bed-time thingy to read
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  7. Dzzel

    Dzzel Member

    Request for the timeline of major event in the universe.
    like: first FLT jump..war's..Power Sources..first planets transforms..alien encounter's..mass accelerator experiments gone wrong :D ect
  8. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    Anyone know of any videos or text that Kern has written about Crixa?

    I figure he must have been working on that longer than this Ember thing.... and I"m curious. I have played a few tabletop RPGs in the past.
  9. ObsoleteVodka

    ObsoleteVodka Active Member

    More info and news "Soon™".
  10. Maven

    Maven Boss Boss Max Kahuna

    In case you haven't seen it, he does have a site/blog up and running about crixa at crixa.io
    Gives some detail about the game and it's universe.
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  11. Code22

    Code22 New Member

    the only thing i wish for this game is a endless legend/beyond earth/mass effect andromeda(yes the new one)/destiny/horizon zero dawn vibe, if it sound like the games i wanna play, yes it is. i need to buy a console. am tired of mmo hiding thing behind paywall and unbelievable RnG that will take days to get something just to upgrade your weapon and gear, after that rinse and repeat (# blade and soul ). i wanna chill like i all ways do in firefall, go around exploring helping people chat have a good time.
  12. Ixnarfury

    Ixnarfury Deepscanner

    Anyone read the books "The Gap Series" by Stephen Donaldson? (The Gap Into Conflict, Ruin etc). Some of the lore Mark has so far discussed concerning the crixa Universe reminds me of those books. Bewdiful stuff (and the mysterious "Amnion" alien threat).
  13. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    Thanks! I didn't notice that.

    after reading this.... I like that hes going to try to make the ships 3d printables. It's better on the wallet that way.
    Looking at what he says about the mechanics reminds me of playing Aberrant, an old pen and paper RPG by White Wolf. A superhero RPG. It had rules set up for a quick and advanced play. You can easily set up characters, story, setting and go at it while it also had advanced mechanics so that players were interested they could make their game or future games go deeper.
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  14. Grummz

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  15. Illian.Amerond

    Illian.Amerond New Member

    try alt+0153 (SOON™)
  16. Angel McWalsoft

    Angel McWalsoft Firstclaimer

    it all sounds good, but I have a hard time getting a group together for D&D anymore. I would love to do some ship to ship action, that sounds like great fun.
  17. ARES Five-Five

    ARES Five-Five New Member

    Working on it! ;) That said, things don't usually crystallize (or crystite-ize) in an instant.
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  18. Shaira

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  19. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    I want a mech and stomp on evil


    The lore ofc

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