Waifu Game Art Generalist (Technical Art, Modeling/Texturing, Concept art)


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Jul 6, 2019
Hey peeps, i make pretty 3D girls for a living freelance. I do a little bit of just about everything. I was told on discord to post here.

You can hit me up on twitter @sacb0y and by email [email protected], i'm also on the discord sacb0y#1874

Here's a current personal project, the character design, model, texture, rig (partially, i use some tools for efficiency), skin and hair shaders, etc are all my own. Screenshots are from Unity3D, I know some Unreal but most indie projects i work on are Unity.

I you want i can send a build and you can view the character real-time.

All images below were made with one of the following: Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Clip-Studio

I also know other software like: Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, and Unreal but i don't use them in my daily work regularly. I do use stuff like Substance Designer and Marvelous Designer regularly, but it's not in any of the below images.

I'm self taught in digital art (had some traditional art training), and pick up on software pretty easily.

Close up

Here's some older client work:

Note some of these model versions are outdated, and I don't upload to sketchfab anymore due to them being jerks to some artists i know. But they're still pretty good as is.


I also do character paintings and such too, I try to keep my 3D work and painting work visually similar. I'll avoid posting my lewder paintings, here's a nice clean one lol.

Some environment client work.

These are more lewd, but they're a couple of my favorites.

Oh and some client reference and concept work for the previously posted Quetesh character model.

Other concepts

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