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Discussion in 'Ember & The Unreal Engine' started by mouk3y, Jul 28, 2016.

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    If linux support is planned, I'd vouch for it! But the drivers and the whole system is still experimental. Protostar demo on the s7 was cool indeed....

    If I was making something I wouldn't consider it a priority. I'd say they get the game up to speed and mess around with Unreal's RHI (Render Hardware Interface) later to enable Vlukan!
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  3. 0V3RKILL

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    yes it must have vulkan please. not cause I use AMD. I just don't like Microsoft having this much power. You want this game to run on everything
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    It's so annoying how people hear some new tech buzz and suddenly everything MUST use it! No idea what it really does, nor how it works, nor what goes into using it, but itz cool! and more FPS! OMG!

    Let's just first wait and see how development goes and keep using OpenGL (or if you must DirectX) which can easily do what Vulkan does, is A LOT more documented and real world tested and requires A LOT less coding (= less bugs). Mabye in two or three years when Ember has become more than just some poster and lots of hype, UE will have proper support, supported hardware will be more common and Vulkan has actually been used by other studios as well.

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  5. Kouyioue

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    Heeeeey, since I come from directX where can I learn Vulkan ?
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  6. Zarkopafilis

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    Join the linux side! Viva la revolution!

    Wow, so you come from DX and you ahven't heard of vulkan ? thats strange but don'
    t worry! HLSL is the best shading language out there and there is a crosscompiler for every api out there (including vulkan-which uses spir-v :) ). If you're already experienced read the spec, don't waste your time with (potentially) outdated and long tutorials
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  7. ObsoleteVodka

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    Yes, cuz AMD. :p
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  9. IAmJohnGalt

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    Epic Games has announced that it has added support for the Vulkan 1.0 low-level API to the popular Unreal Engine 4, making it the first major game engine vendor to do so.
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  10. iClustaFlux

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    Vulkan?! And end up with a game that can actually make good use of multi core CPU's?!? o_O

    WITCHCRAFT! :eek:

    *passes out in an overly dramatic fashion*
  11. NoahDVS

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    Vulcan doesn't guarantee good use of multi-core CPUs, but it can bring improvements. Developers still have to write multi-threaded code, which is not easy.
  12. psychronicle

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    Compatibility should take precedence over the latest and greatest.

    Last thing Em8er imo needs is massive tech issues that'll require resources to fix.
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