Video Update 12 - We have base interiors! New Lore!


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Jul 26, 2016
Woohoo! Loving the peek at the latest graphics. Also enjoying the lore drops, though I do have an issue with what I heard this round. For a space faring civilization, planets are a horrible way to gather resources. Mining at the bottom of a gravity well is energy intensive compared to mining asteroids and other small bodies in space that have almost no gravity and no teraforming requirements. This is going to be true for pretty much any level of tech.

Just a thought, but what if rather than being miners who teraform a planet to get at its resources, it should be the other way around. the Gatestriders should be planet teraformers first and foremost, only mining resources needed to complete the job locally. When you consider how few planets there would be close to earth that would themselves be earth like (read none). It would make a lot of sense for a group of people to become teraformers to open up new worlds for colonization. A group of Lewis and Clark's rather than a mining corporation.

Maybe that's what you already intended, but from this video it sounded like the Gatestriders were nothing more than futuristic strip miners with fancy tools to do the job. (Perhaps some stripper miners in assless chaps though...)
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Jan 30, 2017
Loved seeing the interior looked awesome even though I understand it'll change it's really cool to see. :D

Look foreword to seeing more and how the Em8er world starts shaping up and becoming it's own.
The behind the scene's stuff is real neat , the animations and seeing what goes into bring a game to life. Gives you a whole new prespective and respect you get to see how much goes into it.

Keep up the great work and all the best. Feels good to be excited for a game again. :)


Jul 26, 2016
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I love waking up not expecting anything major but from the email jolting me awake to where I don't need coffee (still going to drink coffee, let a not get stupid now) to more hype and excitement for this game. That's pretty impressive to build that in two days. That was the biggest thing to me. Looking at the trials of firefall's engine to what you have chosen to run with here, Grummz, is astounding to see beauty without such complexity. I also second the impact of development beyond the milestone with interiors. Excellent! This community and dev team feed off each other amazingly. Proud to be part of it and thankful for a rebirth to gaming experiences like none other.

Ok, time for that coffee now.


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Jul 27, 2016
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- The background image is neat i want this!
- That is a good detail for the interior hope to see neat doors that make strange sounds inside.
- Npc's that salute is great i hope they will wink and even give high fives :D
- I like how you are researching into quality animation these will look amazing!
- The bike it looks fast & its red hmm hmm
- lore drop was good but to further enhance i'd like to see a comic/stickman drawing to go with it and even someone making the sound effects of the thumper and all that special effect sounds in the background e,g an explosion KABOOOOWFFFP etc
- 11.33 -13.27 there was an eerie silence :O


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Aug 5, 2017
And yet again, what a great update - love the interiors (specially the floor lighting effect!), looks very plausable and exciting! - also the footage of the figure/ terrain pathing (new softhware) looks smooth and realistic!
Lore Drop* is becoming intriguing, so much potential there for extensive exploration and expansion- It is mind blowing!!!
* Btw - Gravity Wells ...hmmm - Sky Hooks (platforms) or anti-grav (magnet rail tech.) sabot guns that fire payloads into LEO...might become the future answers to transport up/down of materials, even on planets with 1++ gravity - Can easily be utilised into a story arc !! :cool:

Thanks for the amazing work Team Em8ER !!