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Jul 29, 2016
i watched twitch stream with "nanite demo build"
Grummz talking a lot about "nanite overlap problem"

as i understand - rock assets was used from UE5 Demo or Quixel Bridge (for demo purpose)
But this rock assets have "flat plane area" - this is what overlapping a lot and what nanite do not love
(planes with very small space in-between - like 0.002 meters)
so its not count of overlapping objects - but flat planes on top of other flat planes couse problem
But flat area should be Terrain-Landscape (terrain material) and not assets anyway

If usual gray checker terrain will get rock material (good looking)
(i guess UE5 Demo or Quixel Bridge have this tiled materials - not assets)
AND natine will be used for single rock or rock formations
(which very easy to randomly generate or plaint with foliage tool)
(they can be like half sphere or closed without open holes)

also reminder just to be sure - nanite do not love transparent materials with mask (not ready to use)

im sure performance will be x2-x10 times better and
will looks good as "em-8er nanite Demo" but on whole mountain landscape area

here i recond video example of 100'000 instanced nanite rocks
which was painted with Foliage tool (of Landscape tools)
(Foliage tool very powerfull with custom settings for assets)
(and can help to "Paint" any combinations of any meshes really fast)
It can be used for Demonstration of whats possible

but i think landscape in some way and
instanced nanite rock for sure can be procedurally generated on fly

video was recorded on GTX 2070 (not super)
with high FPS and fast movement

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