To clarify exactly, P2P or F2P

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Ghost Kozak, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Ghost Kozak

    Ghost Kozak New Member

    I know it's been tossed around, but I can't seem to see a definitive answer to the question, "Is EM-8ER a Free To Play?" Question gets bounced a lot, but nothing stuck with what it was to be. And with the recent "Firefall Credit Program", gives me the impression its F2P. After searching the forums, never found anything pertaining to this. If possible, I would like a Dev to give us a definitive answer on the subject. Just want to clarify.
  2. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Active Member

    Last I heard/read. You buy it once, then get to play it (like Guild Wars 2).
  3. ZeroShiba

    ZeroShiba New Member

    so you meant like, if there an expansion, you will get it free? or what?
    I might misunderstood your statement
  4. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Em-8ER will not be free to play. Also, there will not be a monthly subscription.
    It will be a game you simply buy then play. The exact nature of if or how we will charge for things like expansions or additional playable content is still to be decided. Though I can confirm that there will be things like cosmetics that you can buy.
  5. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    yeah, i can confirm that 'cause i saw it the DEV team throwing it around in some old discussions, some very old discussions, like 1 month after start of the project when the forum was still completely new.
  6. Ghost Kozak

    Ghost Kozak New Member

    Thanks for clearing that, its a problem when games are called F2P, like Defiance, which was a good show but horrible game for $60 that went F2P afterwards cause it sucked so bad, actually need cash to get in instead of what F2P actually means.
  7. neonserge

    neonserge Well-Known Member

    So if this game was to be purchased would there be an additional option to purchase em8er on dvd and even a collectors edition with a little toy or something?
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  8. Dreamin

    Dreamin New Member

    Nice neonserge, I like that question.

    Collectors Release Edition Offline PC Executable +10

    Might be a wait for full release edition though. Modeled toys sounds interesting.
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  9. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Meh, i would prefer a digital deluxe edition
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  10. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna

  11. Alan Jones

    Alan Jones New Member

    I can live with that fact B2P.
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