Thoughts on allowing M3 and older backers to buy pieces of the newcomer packs before kickstarter


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Aug 27, 2019
Hello all,

I wanted to present something that I thought could be a solution to something I ran into. I was very graciously given a $1 M3 pack that I wanted to upgrade. Before I had been given that, I was saving to get the Omega Newcomer pack. But now I have the option for the Firstclaimer as well in the M3 packs. So I went down the rabbit hole of comparing to see what they each offered. Now I have hit the rough decision of picking one. Thankfully I was told about a compare site two community members made (Shadow#5292 & Lootbag). The Firstclamer seems like a no-brainer, however I still would love an option to get the items I wouldnt get for not getting the Omega. Specifically the

- Razer CHROMA Founder Dropship Skin
- Razer CHROMA Founder GeeSuit V2 Player skin (M/F).

So I had a thought, before the kickstarter and all the packs disappear, what if M3 or older backers were given the ability to purchase pieces of packs (essentially upgrade our current one) rather than having to buy an entire other pack. Obviously I would say this shouldn't go over a certain tier since those backers deserve their stuff to be exclusive, but for the lower tiers, getting the other GeeSuit, the chroma skins etc, it would be really nice.

Curious as to @Grummz Thoughts on something like this. Thanks for reading :)
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Aug 22, 2019
I'm still trying to get a M3 Dollar Pack though I went all in on Newcomer already because it is communicated already that you can get newcomer stuff only in newcomer packs and m3 stuff in m3 packs so it would be unfair to change that.
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Jul 27, 2016
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Was thinking about warframe of how Excal prime had an alternative of Excal Umbra.
I still like the prime version even if it looked like a cyclops the umbra has a scarf i am not really a scarf kind of person :O

Example a skin pack there could be an alternative for say

- Chroma skin alternative could be Monochorme skin

I like the exclusive and unique stuff because its our reward for the thanks we support you early but then those who come in later can still get exclusives though they could be alternatives or future add on packs.
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