THMPR Demo Jan 30, 2020 - Stream and Chat notes


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Jul 26, 2016
I had this prepared and posted on Discord the day after the stream, but on the off-chance that someone has not had the time to watch the stream and/or need a refresher, here are the important takeaways:

As always, only important/new info is included here:

1. Gun system improvizations.

2. Jetpacking improved - responsive, preserves momentum, increased fuel amount, strafing improved, added more 'weight' to the MEK, added a 'dash' mechanic (double tapping direction keys, consumes fuel), slide on demand (ctrl+shift)

3. Radial menu accessible using C key, press Q to call down THMPR

4. Voice Packs and emote packs can be used to customize the THMPR

5. Two new servers for builds - EU (Ireland) and Pacfic/Asia (Sydney)

6. Light frame will be added to the Playable Mockup

7. Plasma Cannon to be reworked. Missile Swarm to be added.

8. Enemy wave system, light omniframe, melee and glory kills, THMPR return scoring system to track resources gathered - List of additional THMPR encounter systems to be added prior to Kickstarter

9. Art pass (polish art in the build), snowy terrain map before kickstarter and added to KS demo

10. THMPR naming will be available

11. Auction house system will be implemented.

12. Large seamless open world may be a consideration for the future depending on the success of the game/available resources.

13. Resources will be split amongst squad members.

14. If the THMPR gets destroyed before it is sent back, players do not lose all resources, but will lose the resource multiplier. (The idea is being discussed and is not final).

15. 5 person squads planned.

16. Weapon rework and polish will be carried out as first priority. Meanwhile animators will work on the animation graphs for enemy transformation sequences and movement patterns.

17. Light frames will have dual power fists and/or placeable turrets.

18. Weapons can be modded to control parameters.

19. Subscriber skin for February will be a male skin - ideas/preferences invited from the community

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Nov 13, 2018
Missed this chat..
Question.. I see the 5 man squad. What about solo playing and thumping?
is the resource multiplier only for squad collection?
How hard will it be to THMP solo compared to squad.
Just wondering because of the casual player may not be available to play enough to commit to being in a squad and some people just may want to THMP solo.