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Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by halp, May 16, 2017.

  1. halp

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    Just like the game (aye, I believe so).
    I'm a little afraid to state this because of uncertainty I have a right to, but:
    1. "Home" button up there (as well as Em-8er logo button to the left from it) should take a person clicking it to the main webpage ( instead of forums webpage (
    2. Firefall founders still see no confirmation of successful linking!
    3. Please move the topic to the fitting forum if there is one cuz there might be more "flaws" found.
    4. Like FireFall's forums namechange! :)
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  2. halp

    halp New Member

    5. There appears to be no browser tab icon (at least in chrome):


    As well as no bookmark icon:

  3. Xeevis

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    I agree there is still a lot to iron out. All of these things are already on the radar, but thanks for bringing it up.

    As for founder program confirmation you can try to pass it again at Firefall Founder's Credit Program page with your Firefall UserId and it will tell you if your reward is already claimed and at what tier. Target Em-8ER account is one you have put into your status, there are several safeguards that make sure you linked to a valid account.

    But since it's a popular request, I'm currently planning another way that will let you verify claimed reward sum directly. No ETA but Soon™.
  4. halp

    halp New Member

    Aye aye, Xeevis, I've done that and it says claimed so me be happy.

    6. There's no (at least clearly visual) log-in button - only "SIGN UP NOW" one which can be quite misleading.
    Yeah, it's a tiny issue but this website has to be perfect as we all know.
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  5. halp

    halp New Member

    Update on #5.
    In Chrome one can set a custom icon for a bookmark.
    1. Get this extension.
    2. Load an icon from this thread (thanks to NanoTechnician! I will also attach it though)
    3. Go to embers website and kick extension in.
    4. Upload an .ico file u desire!

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