There will be an option to hide "silly stuff"?

Jul 26, 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I know we are very far from this point and there are thousands priorities above this, but it is an honest question, I mean, this was a topic which came up sometimes on Firefall forums, I for one would like an option to hide "silly stuff" such as pinecone hat, maybe replacing it by default "boring uninteresting gear" (in this case a standard army helmet).


Jul 26, 2016
What if the "silly hat" was on the pilot in the OF instead of on top of the OF itself? This way Team Em.8ER could still have some silly hats in the cash shop and allow for each player to choose to see the pilots...or not by hiding them from view with a click of the "All OF's in hard driver mode" graphics option.


Base Commander
Base Commander
Jul 26, 2016
I've thought several times that MMO's in general should have a flag for some items called "Comic Relief" and in the settings players can check whether they want to see those items or not. For those who are into immersion/roleplay it can often be jarring to see military types running around with decidedly non military gear on. Or people running around in combat with practically no clothes on :p

EDIT: Just a thought, because Reapers are mercenary types, what if each mercenary company (aka guild) could fashion their own default outfit/coloring/emblems for their group, and players can choose in the settings menu to either view peoples individual styles, or default people to their guild outfit or if they are not part of a guild then the default/chorma gsuit outfit (perhaps pulling whatever colors the player has set) The options for mercanary style would be restricted to the more realistic options
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