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Jul 29, 2016
i understand - Developers preparing for Kickstarter Campain and other important "behind the scenes" things
but i also get feeling of - Cluttering Communication and Content

i understand - concept of demo separation by Focus Theme
to protect the developer from scattering focus and feature concentraion
But at same time ALL other problems ignored and will be buried under older or offtopic threads

here example of general problems

i also see no clear pointers in "download demo" place and specific support place
For example to download fresh demo - user is forced to find "one of two" web page
login and dive in download section of account
and even at this point user get Wall of text with no clear indication of "which link user should click"
- tag "[LATEST]" almost invisible in "wall of text" - developers can atleast change color of tag text or put colorfull image
- if user have "backer rewards" AND "monthly patron" at same time
now will be 2 "Latest" tags - and no indication of which demo is latest

There is no version number separation outside or inside demo
its imposible to know "clear" version order
There is no "Focus Theme" name inside of client - like text "Glide Turning demo" at menu or screen courner
- i suppose there is no a lot of "source control" separate feature versions..
then what's the point of theme separation?
with the same benefit each version can have just number version
AND list of final updates and what feature need to be tested

For Em-8er sake!!! switch off "Auto Exposure (Eye Adaptation)" until Lighting will be redone
each new demo i see super dark screen and constantly annoying exposure changing
which even amplifies because clouds obscures sun light (which awesome but totally lost)
dark screen.png
and list can goes on and on
like still cluttering setting menu - or Apply button but no autosaving
Why game title only popup at first player spawn but not at Title(login) screen??
Why "Crixa Tabletop RPG Logo" on login screen instead of Em-8er?

ps. im just a player here - my duty is to point on problems
Developers are those who Design Solutions

With love to Em-8er from birth to the end
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Jul 29, 2016
Another little thing that bothers me every time I try all demos...
Really! it happens every time!

look... one of the important parts of the Em-8er
is cosmetics (skins, models, materials, decals, animation)
right now in demo - i control the medium-mecha with character inside
BUT - i cant even look at this character?! cant look at whole front size of mecha

because right now camera always lock in "combat mode"
Its means - mecha character always turns towards the camera direction (Forward) automatically

You can just add timer cooldown for "Combat state"
like "If player do not shoot few seconds - then character stops auto-turning"
and player will be able to freely rotate the camera around character

this set of two different camera modes as example
can be checked in almost every thind-person shooter game (for example Warframe)

PS. i just want to see my character infront :(
Jul 27, 2016
I'm used to using the right mouse button to turn the camera - as long as right button is pressed moving the mouse moves the camera. I just assumed they would get to that eventually. I'm also looking forward to emotes so I can make some machinima. ✌️
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Jul 27, 2016
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I remember in a game when you held think it was, ctrl button and you can look around the character freely.
One of the things i am looking forward to is seeing our pilots hop out of the meks that is going to be really good to see.