The Resource Scanning & Mining Demo coming Tuesday, November 17th

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Jul 26, 2016

Greetings Reapers!

This Tuesday, November 17th at 11:00 AM PST (UTC -8), Grummz and I will be hosting a Livestream on Twitch AND a Chief Chat. In this demo, for all eligible backers, we will be releasing The Resource Scanning & Mining Demo. You’ll be able to punch the ground and get scan reports, find resources, mine them with your THMPR, and SAVE them to our new player inventory system!

Join us, and bring those Em-8ER questions you've been waiting to ask! There will be raffles and maybe even a surprise or two!

The Chief Chat RAFFLES & PRIZES will be right here in Discord!
Invite Link:

For those who need it- here is the timezone Breakdown below:

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Jul 26, 2016
I didn't have the ability to open the inventory or remove the UI:
Go to your %appdata%/Local and delete the "Em8erMovment" folder, this will reset all your settings.

-I love the scanning animation and wave being sent off
-I suggest changing the color of the newly scanned resources in a different color
-I suggest when picking up resources will look like:
" Grummz Gold 856 ('Total Amount picked up') '+newly picked up'
example: Ronynium 001 (456) +23
-For future inventory holding 'ALT' in Firefall will popup a small window that showed you an overview of your total amount of each resource regardless of quality.
-I think the UI in general is a bit too large very noticeable with the compass now added.
-You can move and shoot while scanning animation is going on.
-When having high ping you can shoot and keep pressing Sprint and you end up holstering your weapon and continuing to shoot while walking and running

Good Job Dev Team keep up the good work
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May 3, 2020
Saltehs Mishaps, *im sorry dev team.*

-standing still with guns on your model, and closing the game through the windows, will cause floating guns.... now if you don't mind, I'm going to cause some chaos.

-Scanning underwater, and if you land a spot, you can thump for materials underwater. **YOU CAN SUMMON THEM UNDERWATER NOW >:>**

-You can get a scan in a mountain… and not be able to reach it..

-It is possible to pick up 0 of “*insert name here*” resource

-If you scan before you die, you can still scan, with no one there (ring animation)

-spamming the switch weapon key, (1 for me) causes the gun to disappear on the 3-5th click before swapping to the next weapon

-=-When scanning you can….-=-
- “Walk around” whole in scan animation *must start off by scanning first*, then press the forward button, then you can “glide around” on the ground.

-Turn the camera mid scan, This will cancel the scan animation... mid-animation. (as in, moving the camera angle with the mouse.) *note: when walking and turning camera angle, it will not cancel the animation.

-Shoot your gun (either gun), while doing the scanning animation (also u can walk and shoot.)

-slide down a mountain and look for resources. :p

-=-ways to scan mid-air-=-
1)Riding THUMPR dropship and right before it goes away, enter scan animation

2)while gliding, bringing up the menu and going to scan, you can scan in the air
*reference to do on 1)

3)You can scan mid air if you are tiki towering on someone flying, so I guess that counts? (gliding and jetpacking works)

**Note with the flying method, you can find so many locations while scanning and flying faster**

-pressing multiple abilities at once, causes all to happen at once, (I used the combo of overthrust,deepstrike,and glider)

-going under a roof (or small height space) and using deep strike caused u to get stuck
Note: the only way i know how to exit this is to jump

Stuck :c
-When on a different tab and when you're in a menu and wait till it says “press space to respawn” behind the menu screen. You will get stuck. Not frozen, things still run, all the noises and other players. But if you're lucky enough to get out before it says “press space top respawn” you won't have to re-log to keep playing the demo c: .

Animations/what I noticed… c:
+love the texture of the scan animation :D The texture and the look of the scanning animation

+breathing animations: When you're standing still it seems like you're tired and gaining your breath, without it seeming too obvious, but the breathing changes when you hold a gun, like holding your breath to get better aim i thought that was cool :D

-T.H.M.P.R ship becomes invisible if you too far away from said area, and you enter *said area* the model will not be loaded, just the flames of the ship.

+I find it interesting you can't place a T.H.M.P.R in an area where it is unscanned/nothing there. :D

-mentioned in CC, but remember “T.H.M.P.R inbound” sound effects aren't there when you summon a T.H.M.P.R c:

+confirm killer i noticed the lil marker has a lil spin circle, thought it was pretty cool :)

+compass looks nice c: very simplistic :D

-when dying, some pieces after explosion's are uh, quite stretched out

-Menu shifts to the left a little once on screen

+the little background UI "tab for abilities" looks really nice :) i like that little touch a lot.

+love the little icons for thumping and mining!

-when in first person and looking down while flying with the gun on your holster... er-leg you can see it, stick out

-T.H.M.P.R's don't laugh anymore >:c

-shooting plasma cannon in the air and looking up/down screws with the compass a little, lol

***Thank you LKW for letting me drag him around to test things, and others who kept me company in VC :D***

note: might be edited soon D: Also, if it doesn't make sense feel free to DM me on discord! SaltehBleach c:
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Nov 13, 2018

**Lighting! Still to bright on med/low settings and to dark on high/ultra. Ever since the Unreal engine 4 update the demos visuals have suffered. (Some of us with sensitive eyes are greatly effected)

**Need animation/sound added to the THMPR when drilling. The drill head should have a slow piston animation when drilling with a low "thump thump thump" sound. This is what will attract enemies to your THMPR when drilling. Also the thumping sound let's you know there is another THMPR nearby to go help, or would help in not scanning near one already thumping.
(Its also called a THMPR for a reason)

**If you are in the menu and you die, you get frozen and none of the buttons work and have to log out.

** I couldn't repeat it but all of a sudden while THMPing whenever, wherever I tried dropping my THMPR it wouldn't let me, it would just stay red. I tried scanning different locations away from everyone for about 10 minutes and it wouldn't turn green anywhere. I logged out and when back in everything was fine. No idea why it did that before though.

**The Missile swarm sound FX do not seem to be linked to the in-game menu's FX sound volume slider.

**Add unique colors to each of the different mineral icons on UI compass.

**In the air side to side movement still feels off. Been watching a lot of old FF Beta videos and I have to say the aerial movement in Beta should be the yardstick we are tweaking for.

**Would love to see a wireframe over the ground stay for a few seconds after striking with the scan spike. Maybe the wireframe can buldge where the minerals are, plus unique colors for each mineral. This will help in determining where you want to drop your THMPR, and add greatly to the visuals of scanning.

**Hit detection using missile swarm is still wonky. Sometimes I hit a tsi-hu with 3-4 missiles and it just walks away.

**After scanning with the spike minerals are always 120-175 meters away. Why? Maybe vary the distances so sometimes when scanning you get a hit right in front of your omniframe. This will allow us to chose the area where we want to THMP.

**If the end goal of thumping is to last as long as possible to get the best minerals before your THMPR is overwhelmed, then we may need to rethink just exactly how the THMPR leaves. In FF we would wait till the last possible second then send the Thumper away. But in Em8er we have to wait for the ship to fly in, drop the ropes, then pick it up.
Maybe when we hit the "Finish Thumping button" our THMPR immediately stops drilling and activates an emergency short term force field that protects it the 10-15 seconds until pickup. OR, when we hit the "Finish Thumping button" our THMPR immediately rockets up 50 feet on thrusters and hovers safely out of harms way until picked up 10-15 seconds later?
Just a thought.. as in FF smashing that launch button at the last possible moment before all your minerals were lost was part of the excitement of Thumping!
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Oct 18, 2016
First ever post on the forums~

-When scanning on ground you can move while the animation plays.
-Resources are showing up on places where the thmpr can't get to.

Also, outside the updates made in this version.

-Aiming feels sluggish with mouse acceleration / joystick emulation.


Apr 30, 2018
Bug #1. Minor visual bug.
When force closing the game instead of hitting the quit button (click the X, task manager, ect.), if you had your weapon out, both your held and holstered weapons will stay where you were. Sorta seems to work like the old plasma ball "shooting star" bug.
Courtesy of Saltehbleach on the Discord. I wasn't in-game when typing this up.

Bug #2. Controls issue.
If you played any of the previous demos, you'll have certain controls (i.e. Alt+Z to toggle HUD and I for the resource inventory) won't function correctly. This only affects some people who played the earlier demos, though, and not all. The user-end solution is to delete the "em8ermovement" folder in "Windows/Users/[user]/appdata/local/," which will reset the controls and settings as a byproduct.
Thanks to Skube on the Discord for the heads up on a workaround.
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Nov 13, 2018
- Mech able to move around/slide around the world while scanning animation plays
- No indication of how much boost (glide?) is left. Boost/glide is always either at 100% or recharging
- No indication that boost is glide vs boost - the minute I try to boost vertically up, I go from 100% boost to 0% and recharging. If its gliding, I'd need some indicator "Hey, Listen! You're running out real quick" Took me awhile to figure out that the down arrows on either side of the HUD mean "nose down or you're going to stall out"
- Boosting/gliding is infinite so long as I'm headed down to some degree, the meter never moves from 100%
- Tapping boost/glide button while already boosting immediately depletes it to 0%
- Flying up/spacebar vertically in the open is slow & tedious. Flying up vertically while pressed against a mountain slope is considerably faster
- Maybe a bug or maybe not? While boosting, if the wings start to wobble, indicating I'm running out, I can get back to normal boosting/gliding by pointing the nose downward a bit
- Artifacts/player weapons remain in the world, floating in space, after death
- Probably a feature, but can't direct the downward thrust attack at any angle, its always directly straight down.
- Not sure if it was because I was PK'ing, but got kicked to login screen after trying to downward strike someone on a slope who was very close to a large rock, almost wedged between the two. Maybe a collision error or maybe because I killed Faeryl?
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Nov 16, 2018
- It's hell for me to figure out how to get proper mouse sensitivity settings right.. it's.. just too finicky and has no way test. I don't understand why I'm so different than others for this setting.
-- something about the mouse sensitivity setting in the game is unforgiving with the physical dpi/sensitivity of my mouse.. I haven't been able to find decent settings at all.

- for the login screen, when inputting the username, allow tab to go to the password field. This will allow people like me to use a password-keeper to log in with

- implement a settings menu at the login screen.

- the "incoming thumper" audio was absent for this build

- when I exit and then later return to the settings panel, return to the same "tab"

- When scanning - have a more-visible puff of dust ripple out in the present style, but to a smaller radius, then a larger "air blast-wave" to a larger radius, and all throughout the graph highlight effect

- When scanning - have a broader and colored secondary-mesh grid appear overlain on the landscape; that was an amazing effect in FF

- When scanning, colour (in a pie-shape) out in the direction of the various nodes. This is a far more interesting and visual/interactive way to show them.

- After scanning, I find it awkward to use the top compass feature. If I was a new player, I wouldn't even know to look up there. When close to a node, there's a bouncy drill icon. Maybe have a No Man's Sky-style beacon (but more subtle) to show nodes?

- consider scanning also indicate other things like players, events, combat activity, etc? Or maybe some other non-mining type of scan ping. I loved the way it was done with No Man's Sky.

- something about the mouse sensitivity settings is linked to the sky.. moving my mouse is fairly consistent until more and more of the sky is in view, and then it's extraordinarily sensitive. This was tested with vertical sensitivity.
-- Filmore says this is likely due to a collision with the ground as my view angles upward.

- I really don't understand or like scanning and then flying so far away to mine..

- When at a windowed smaller resolution, the login username/pass etc boxes aren't very wide

- when I change the mouse look settings I have no way to "preview" to keep tweaking it.. it's annoying to repeatedly return to the configuration menu to do it..

- when I change the mouse look settings, apply and exit the config screen and then return to it, the sliders return to the middle position.

- if the settings have been applied, then allow the user to click "accept" to exit the menu -- and don't prompt them again to apply the settings.

- when switching to windowed fullscreen, change the "resolution" field to the desktop resolution (yes, even though it's greyed out)

- Maybe it needs to be an option, but I'm more expecting the missile lock to be held-down and then release to shoot. Pressing "f", waving, and then clicking the left mouse button doesn't seem right to me.

- implement searching in the keybinds menu

- the UI speeds seem very very slow to me. This can be easily reproduced in the keybinds menu, where the row-highlight has a heavy lag behind mouse movement. This is also seen when scrolling. The gameplay itself works well on ultra settings, so I ought to have good "performance" on menus

- in keybinds, "Thumb mouse button" is a poor name to use. Maybe "mouse button 4" is more technically correct?

- when in left-shoulder mode (h) display the ammo counter to the right

- some of the graphics settings are quite "stuck".
-- If the resolution is changed, then "overall quality" works.
-- Individually switching any of the items in the quality settings list

- when the graphics settings are set to lower-quality, the lighting is very bad (painfully-so)

- turning off the UI (alt-z) does not turn off the ammo display

- There is bad pop-in of the little brown nubs on hills. When I also position my character so I can easily move the camera view to reproduce this, the lighting on my character goes very wrong. My graphics settings are:
-- overall, view, visual, shadows, textures, post, anti, foliate:
-- Custom, Epic, High, Low, Low, Medium, Medium, Medium
-- 1920x1080 windowed, resolution scale 80, frame rate limit 30, vertical sync off, fps smoothing off
-- (I do not have HDR)
-- I was also able to reproduce an odd brightness/darkness flashing across my frame.

- I had an odd hiccup where there was a freeze on my first scan, so it paused and then continued when the animation was further along.

- Implement keyboard-turning.


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Mar 4, 2019
Definitely love the animation and especially the scanning wave.

Not much to say about the rest as it's pretty much the same. Movement still needs some love imo (it's already pretty good), jet recharge, boost inconsistency, etc but i'll keep saying this till release so, yeah.


Apr 30, 2018
I love bughunting :D
1. Can not call down T.H.M.P.R. in FPS mode.
2. Can not switch shoulder camera after FPS mode.
3 There is no keybinding option for resource inventory
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Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
Zone of Bones, Australia
A few things.

- Rapidly tapping 'change weapon' causes your weapon to disappear.
- If you scan in a small area (on a small island, or on the invisible wall), multiple resources spawn in the exact same location and are unreadable on the compass. Even out in the open, overlapping resources are unreadable. Could the closest resource have a drop shadow behind it to make it stand out?
- As mention before, you can move while scanning.
- There's no momentum while gliding anymore. It doesn't feel right dropping 50 metres and levelling out with no speed increase. A higher maximum gliding speed would be better while keeping the currently base gliding speed as is.
- Sometimes Tsi-hu aren't affected by rockets. Not sure if they're exploding early or hitting the ground.
- The Plasma Cannon projectile seems to have a very far render distance, however players and NPC need to be closer to render. This should be the same (or at least be tweakable to allow it to be the same).
- What even is this inventory. I don't get it.
- I had to rebind my recording software hotkeys to get the Show/HIde HUD (ALT + Z) to work. Keybinding please.
- Picking up 0 of a resource.
- I'd be nice to know how many resources I've contributed to the war effort

~ The GTA tapping sprint for more sprint thing works on the jumpjets. You can gain some extra height, as well as space out two Overthrusts among the jets (one at the start for instant acceleration, and another at 5-7 bars remaining). Now I ain't say. Just saying.
~ No hidden Oilspill model in the derpship.
~ Hopeful to see Tsi-hu and rifts highlighted on the compass in the future. Based on the novel, I'm very excited to see how 'visible' they'll be.

+ I like how you can in the open, and pick up resources +300m away. The movement fits in well, so you can traverse the world quickly enough that it isn't a chore.
+ I just like the mining in general honestly.
+ Good compass, could be a little more compact
+ Picking up 20 of a resource

Question. If only the names are placeholders, then does this mean that the "rarity" of the resource might act as a multiplier to the quality of the resource when it comes to converting to CE or contributing? If so, I'll drink to that.

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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
What i really liked:

- The compass above looks great its good to know which direction you are going!
- The mineral inventory some with very familiar names !!!

What could be improved:

- A reload symbol when guns are reloading
- damage indicators could look more like this damage indicator.jpg

- Switching over the shoulder view keeps changing back and forth when jetpacking.
if it could be toggled and stay at that shoulder view that would be super this could also be applied
in 1st person mode too.

- The missile swarm could have 2 modes mode 1 set and lock you can set the target manually by holding down the button and letting go to stop targeting to not waste missiles and mode 2 you want to unleash them all where all fires on 1 target could press 2 twice.
I also think could be abit quicker something like this

- I am not so sure on the scan resources effect, looks ok but something is missing maybe some waves or perhaps needs more colours like

What i noticed:

- When applying post processing to low and med the screen is very bright but when setting to high or above it is good.

What i like to see:

- A mini map or world map
- Compass direction, e.g the letter N changing colour the closer you get to something e.g. a designated marker/item even a sound cue think like the radar in aliens when the alien gets closer.
- To step in and out of the mek would be good.
- To be able to pan around your mek/pilot to take pictures or video

Steady and careful progress, keep up the good work Em8er team!


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Nov 13, 2018
Just want to add something.
After watching Skubes' Resource Scanning YouTube video I realized that I REALLY love the soft background music playing.
The style of it fits the mood perfectly. Just wanted to point this out to the Devs as it really pulls you into the immersion of the game and maybe add something like this to the next Demo?


Jul 26, 2016
okay. First impressions:

- Love the way that the yellow circle looks (although maybe yellow isn't the right colour for it?)
- Drilling icons are on point
- THMPR can only be dropped at icons
- Love the way that different minerals have different looks (I know some are dupes but still.)
- quality of minerals is a mechanic I actually like, provided there is a use for the lower-quality stuff

Needs Work:
- Nodes can spawn too close together and/or in invalid spots for THMPR dropping.
- IMHO, when the scan is initiated, the mech's open palm should strike the ground, rather than its fist.
- For some reason, I sometimes pick up 0 of a mineral (as in quantity). IDK if that's because of some sort of floating point somewhere, but that should probably be fixed.
- I liked the old radial menu where the keyboard pressees were relative to where your fingers were rather than the way it is now.
- Resource scans should coveer a much more limited range
- If at all possible, please make the material inventory sortable.

EDIT: If I stand on an island in the northwest, I can spawn a node at my location by scanning for resources.
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Mar 11, 2017
so played the demo for a while and im curious how thumping works as a group activity and if in main game everyone will still have a shared inventory? cause like what if I'm out mining for a specific or that i need for my build and i get 2000 for my build and head back to base to start the project but as i'm traveling back somebody else uses half the materials to make some gun they wanted to work on. if it keeps happening I lose incentive to mine cause someone keeps taking my mats but i could just wait for someone else to mine and then take theres... It is just a demo but curious with current play style. Also if the resources arent shared how is picking up the resources mined by the player then done as a group is each node dropped by mining available to each player there and everyone has to chase all the material nodes popped onto the ground which case it'll be a mess as everyone tries to go for the mats... Demo was fun though I really enjoyed finding all the highest quality mats adn picking them up I did notice a lot of coralation between materials and dev/greeter names
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