The Perks&Campaign page is missleading

Nov 6, 2020
Em8er is a game that i want to see succeed, and now that i can afford to back it up, i have decided to subscribe. After doing so i was disapointed to see that the character that is used to promote the skins that are gifted to the subscribers ( the cat-lady with her artwork next to her 3d model ) is just a placeholder and isn't actually gifted to the subscriber. It may has been one of the monthly gift at a previous date, but putting it on the subscriber pannel without telling anybody that it's not available anymore is a bit too missleading, and it is really disappointing. As a bonus question i would ask, will it be possible to get her skin later as a montlhy re-gift or by any other mean ?


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Jul 27, 2016
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Ah that can seem a little confusing at first but not to worry was thinking the same until i read on the right side it says

Skin of the month
Sport Omniframe - April

So that clearly shows the skin of the currently available, even though its May because they hold the skin a while until a new skin appears.

Perhaps it could be called e.g. Current Skin (April - May)

The cat lady skin is shown as an example of the art work by cutesexyrobutts and next to it a game version by team Em-8ER

Perhaps there could be this mentioned in brackets (previous cat skin with the month) so that is made clear.

From the site it says

Every month we release a new pilot, mech, or weapon skin! These rare, premium cosmetics will be available to subscribers on launch day, with some being available earlier during alpha or beta.

So from my understanding we can get it again as a subscriber.