The original Crater, not current Deepstryke


Jul 27, 2016
Crater in Firefall was one if not the ability I loved the most in Firefall. However, over time Crater developed in a way that I ended up never using it again. In such a way that Crater resembles what Deepstryke is right now.

The original Crater was very different from the end version. The original Crater would use the momentum of the player on the way toward the ground making a beautiful and manipulable arc. Over time, the complaints from players saying they couldn't hit anything with it eventually removed the ability's momentum continuation and replaced it with a very specific fall pattern similar to what we have now in Em-8er. With Deepstryke, Instead of arcing, the player stops all momentum and then falls at a straight down trajectory. I very much dislike this and would like to see two versions of Deepstryke. I am requesting the same as I did back when Firefall was alive and would be very disappointed if the original version of Crater which was far superior in my opinion be left out again.

Versions of Deepstryke
1. Stops the player from moving in any direction and then starts a completely vertical fall as it is now.
2. Continues the momentum of the character in an arc toward the ground as the original Crater did in Firefall.

Allowing momentum carried Deepstryke will give a lot of flexibility to Deepstryke especially if a movement ability is applied before use. In Firefall, the bread and butter for Crater was to pair it with Afterburner. Afterburner would launch a player in the direction they were looking at at a high speed. If the player had a good idea of where they wanted to land, it did not take much practice to start landing in the general area and with good practice, directly on other player's heads.

When Crater was changed to stop the momentum of players, Afterburner became useless to pair with Crater. You could get height with Afterburner, but then you would severely over shoot the target because the angle did not meet the need. The real question I have, is why do we not have the original Crater? The original Crater was a lot more flexible, allows for both very aggressive gameplay and if a player so wanted, a basic and safe Crater by just stopping the movement themselves and using the ability to slam down on their target.


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Aug 5, 2017
Thats why we have feedback - I like the new deepstryke/crater function, it seems more faster and deadlier which I know is going to help my playstyle...since my aiming is not so good at times...splash damge for the Gooo...!! ;)
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Jul 26, 2016
Good for the "...why do we not have the original Crater?" I believe that boils down to we don't have FF. What I mean by that is very few of the team worked on FF and I believe Grummz has been able to contact a few more to see what they remember on how certain abilities worked but any info he receives is from years old memories. i'm glad you brought those points up as they may be quite beneficial.


Jul 26, 2016
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The original Crater was very different from the end version. The original Crater would use the momentum of the player on the way toward the ground making a beautiful and manipulable arc.
I personally remember 3 iterations.
Very early on, crater would drop you strait down there you pressed it, canceling any prior movement. (closed/early open beta)
Then they made it more... mobile, i guess is the word. There you could move a bit while falling. (open beta/release)
And the last version had basically a reticle, which would send you in a sort-of diagonal fashion towards it. (the big overhaul)
I would argue what the first (i.e. Em8er's) version is more precise/snappy. But what's more of a preference thing.
Jul 26, 2016
sounds like that would fit well with the idea of crafting tech tree's in this game.
Having two different versions in the tree and allowing players the capability to branch off where they want go. One version for newbie combat and another version for vetern combat.

so instead of just having a crafting tree that branches out toward an increase in stats, you got a tree that branches out toward skills or weapons that requires finesse to use.

like how using a grenade launcher requires different skills than using a mortar or an direct fire RPG.
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