PIghead Elderberry

Kaiju Slayer
Jun 4, 2017
I had a big delay because my Nav Mesh had shards of it all up in the air. I thought I was going to have to recreate everything for this sample level layout (not all that much,, luckily) as every possible fix seemed to fail... then I unchecked one settings box for the landscape and immediately set it back to the checked setting, and all was well! This sure is fun, but 90% of the time is spent tracking down weird and undocumented bugs! The other 10% is tracking down weird and documented bugs, it seems at time. It is not like coding where the bugs are usually my fault. These are UR4 editor bugs which people know about and have to work around. All in all, it is amazing, however!

I need to add a bit of end game where aside from dying the player "loses" the fight, and on the other side of things the player winds the fight and the NOBs are put down entirely (or at least are dormant for a long time, as we can never know what is deep in the lava).

I have a long list of features in my notes.

I have one computer at home which is newish and works well. I have a very old one at the other place where I work which takes about 50000 minutes just to load UR4 Editor and runs things at 1/5 the FPS. It makes it good for optimization as it shows all the flaws. Optimization is not a first priority at the moment though.
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