The Dismembering Thread

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Jun 4, 2017
I don't know if this is where to post this thread, but I hope it will give us all a chance to brainstorm and come up with ways to have "dismembering" in a way that can get past the nanny state govts that think that their citizens are too immature to understand a game vs. reality... rant rant rant...


If I understand it, there are some regions where EM-8ER could have a reasonable desire to license, but where the laws say there can't be "dismembering" or at least no dismembering of humans and such.

Do some places have laws against dismembering humanoids altogether - including robotics?
Do some places have laws against same for anything that might be cute and cuddly?

TYPE 1| Dismembering "Legal" Targets 100% Safe

The first obvious solution to avoid all legal nonsense, is that EM-8ER has enemies that are fully non-organic and also non-humanoid.

Then, we can lop off parts of them or shoot off parts of them with impunity.

1a) Buildings, non-humanoid robotic drones etc. etc.
- here the foes are not humanoid in any way and not even organic

1b) Non-humanoid looking armor for humanoid targets
- for humanoid or other targets that would NOT pass all censors, place them in armor which conceals their humanoid appearance so we are effectively nibbling away at their non-humanoid, non-organic armor shell to reveal the humanoid beneath.
- we can shoot, chop, smash off anything as it is all friendly non organic bits and does not look like a head or arm or anything 'naughty'

TYPE 2| Dismembering "Legal" Targets 80% Safe

The extension is to try to sneak more "organic" and more "humanoid-like" aspects past the thought police.

2a) 100% Organics - not humanoid in any way and in fact "anti-humanoid"
- pretty much everyone including thought police irrationally hate spiders!
- make our Organic enemies be the kind of foes that humans typically hate IRL
- give them the legs and tentacles and eye-stalks that conjure up humans real life fear of bugs

2b) Non-Organic shells to Organics- including humanoid types
- here we begin to test the limits with some hints at humanoid shapes
- give all Organics and in particular Humanoid Organics non-humanoid shells and/or armors
- this is safe as while we are chopping up organics, the bits that come off are shell bits and non-organic bits and are not really 'limbs' and 'heads'
- the difference here is that the armor still resembles the humanoid forms, before we concealed the humanoid entirely behind the non-humanoid armer
- the chopped off bits crucially are NOT bits of humans or the like

The idea is to let us ALWAYS have bits of things to shoot off and chop off and smash off or melt off or shock off... but to either:

- keep the forms entirely censor free
- encapsulate the censorable bits in safe "armor"
- keep the bits that get smashed off as 'non-offensive'

Hopefully, there could be a 'Toggle' such that the bits we see strewn about the battlefield and flying through the air are the "Toggle' from safe metal and stone bits vs. rich and rewarding organic bloody limbs...

p.s. Same goes for "blood and gore" - Toggle that off and/or explain that it all really is just red oil to lubricate the armor suits...
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Feb 25, 2017
I keep seeing the Tsi-Hu refered to as shapeshifters that control the beasts and Kaiju, I think that dismembering the Kaiju and beasts would be cool and if the badguys shapeshift that solves everything. If the omniframes could have a arm broken off that would be neat but for now that seems to be feature creep territory which is a no-go for now.