Suggestion to get the community involved (3D art)


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Mar 6, 2019
Just throwing the idea out there.

Crixa Labs (Mark) could allow the community to get involved with the development of Em-8er. How? By first hiring a concept artist or find a decent concept artist willing to volunteer (internship, etc.). The concept artist would then be responsible for creating concept arts for all the in-game content that needs to be produced (characters, modular character parts, omniframes, guns, enemies, pickups, environment props, etc.).

And then Crixa Labs could create a Trello Board and use all those concept arts as a To Do List for the community of everything that needs to be done. That way the community doesn't have to guess and try to create stuff and end up creating things that wouldn't match the art direction of the game, etc.


And then there could be a Forum Category dedicated to those who want to jump in and try to create AAA quality props. Crix Labs would then have the opportunity to cherry pick the works that meet the level of quality that Mark is looking for. And Em-8er could have a list of Contributors (volunteers) that would appear in the Credits of the game.


This is basically a nice way for any aspiring artist, graduate or industry professional who wants to get involved to participate and help speed up the development of Em-8er. Plus, get experience that they can add to both their ArtStation and Resume.
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Jul 26, 2016
Good concept, I like it.
Rocks, trees, grass, plants.
Walls, floors, lighting, fixtures.
It's all got to be designed. This idea gives way for out of the box suggestions, and like you said, to boost and give artists such as yourself, an avenue of appreciation and interest with involvement. (for free of course)...;)


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Aug 19, 2016
Well, i like the idea, and id love to try and help in any way i can! Id have to upgrade my rig and re-acquire the skill set for 3D modeling, but i like this!