Suggestion thread for items in the cosmetic shop in EM-8ER

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Terib.Shadow, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Kaiju Slayer

    I wore a smiley balaclava usually in winter and some serious individual from the public complained that i was a suspicious thug.... do appreciate that serious person whom ever you are O.O
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  2. Omnires

    Omnires Active Member

    That reminds me of how in one game I played just because of how my character looked (physically being taller and with facial hair and often dressed as if I just got home from work rather than wearing armor like most people) a lot of people would just call me things like "Dad" in the game. I mean like randoms who I just bumped into and helped out in dungeons and stuff. This made things even more odd when I teamed up with a guild mate that a lot of people said looked like a mom. So the running joke in the game was that in teams we are there just to protect our kids (given that both of us had unlocked ultimate abilities and could use demon and god class weapons). Because in that game not all characters was in the same age group, it was possible to make characters who are adults as well as characters who are children.
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  3. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Kaiju Slayer

    Some might look at something different or out of place and think it must acts different or be labelled that way. Got me thinking with a conversation i had with a friend about music genre's e.g metal and how there are so many sub-genres that it gets to the point of being ridiculously funny! I realized and saw something called crust metal made me think of bread and other things hmm anyways it made me laugh :D

    I guess in the context of being called dad it could be that wise look and being helpful because thats what dads are like right ????
    but if you wore an apron and a hat dad would be gone and it could be chef :eek:

    Tattoos or symbols that connect with other group members/friends so for example if you and your team had the same symbol or tattoo on the mech or vehicle of chosing even on the actual character when you get to a certain proximity they would dimly glow in unison giving the team visual cue and looking all lit up when need be!
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  4. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    This many posts in two weeks, nice! Plenty of great ideas, let's see some more.
  5. Omnires

    Omnires Active Member

    That reminds me of the Meet-cute Bracelets they just added to Mabinogi. It is a set of bracelets that are linked to each other by magic. If you and your friend both wear the bracelets in the same region, then both players will receive a special effect. If the distance between wearers is more than 10m, then an arrow effect will appear to show you the direction of the other user. If distance between wearers is under 10m, then a light particle effect will appear around you. The link to page about the items I always liked the idea of things like this in games because I often like to help new players when I can. And having things like that in games makes it so much easier for people to teach and train new players (especially if they are new to MMOs or games as a whole) because it makes it harder for them to get lost in big crowds and large maps.

    Here is another idea. You know how we can glide in the game. What if I can get a special skin and animation that makes it looks like my mecha transforms into a vehicle while gliding and changes back into humanoid form when I land? For example, when in glide mode my mecha looks like a fighter-jet but just before I land it turns back into its human-form. Something kind of like that mecha in Macross.
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  6. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Kaiju Slayer

    Would be amazing ^^ with those acrobatic maneuvers and effects + epic music!!!!
    i hope there is a glider biker that would be cool too ;)
  7. Drakin5

    Drakin5 Active Member

    If there would be housing, make it so that there would be guns lying around or hung on the wall or battle trophies over your fireplace. Base decors like maybe a body count that shows how tough your base withstood against attacks would work well.

    On a side note, there should be a ;loc or ;wp chat function that shows your current position on chat or waypoint just like before. Because you know, I’m the only one that says in chat “;loc Free C( )( )kies” whenever BK spawns or in this case, a cat 3 on map.
  8. Friggin

    Friggin New Member

    along with the banners could be tabards, as sets or as just the banner/tabard separately.

    i'd like to see some unicycles and bicycle helmets available too :D
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  9. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    Along the tabard line if thought, I would really dig an over the shoulder cape on the omniframes ala Escaflowne style. Easy to design and would make melee frames feel awesome.
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  10. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Kaiju Slayer

    Reactive armor that changes colour depending on the environment i remember a toy car i had and when dipped it in cold or warm water would change colour!!!! Probably said this before but i cant remember :p

    I also like the eye wear they had in firefall from the one eye monocule to the full visor and headgear and really like the holographic armor that we could win in global agenda as part of the reward in winning battles in AvA

    i also like the look of this new game called anthem by EA and this made me think of sound effects drop list for various weapon sound to choose from some more punchier or more traditional even retro pew pew sounding!

    Foot wear like various boot styles/patterns and grip patterns on them?

    Aura's say after using a special ability or even when spawned there would be an aura specific to the character a grand entrance.
    Could have tech like symbols that would surround the character before dispersed and vanishing. The faint glow surrounding them gradually takes over them completely and goes back to normal. My fave i was thinking would be uncloaking from an invisible state like in the predator movie with the visor glowing to finish!

    Have always liked the collection of gears and items and that there is so many ways to look the part in the game
    from special event items/gear to founders items/gear and even custom made one's that the public could make and put across in some voting area to pay for in support of the game like what kf2 and wf do.

    now for cartoons and things i could imagine in the game

    - visionaries and they had symbols on their chest that was cool

    - Saber rider those mechanical horse could be a skin for the bike! and robots to mimic enemies in a training simulator.

    - silver hawks cartoon where the characters would extend their wings look amazing for gliding!, also props like guitar and stuff in the social area for parties and get togethers?

    - Dino saucers .... a robo dinosaur pet??? or other robo pets with their character.

    - thundercats, extendable sword, hover board for moving around in the base, acrobatic animation!

    - Jayce and the wheeled warriors jewellery because why not even dog tags

    - fist of the noth star, poking people and seeing their heads inflate :D explosion optional!

    - The adventures of the galaxy rangers, the cool galactic uniforms, badges/ranks to show your specialist area, and cybernetic augments e.g arms, eye etc

    - mobile suit zeta gundam, customizable rail track to launch mechs higher or further! Nice uniforms for various classes perhaps and even customizable shield for the mechs that have shields.

    - robotech because it was cool transforming jetfighter and cool looking sleek aerodynamic styled helmets with side airvents!!

    - ulyssess 31, cool pet robot maybe can interact with others pets e.g. information sharing/gathering to bond depending
    on the pet characteristic and customize in look?

    i think i went abit ott with the cartoons but so much i look back and think wouldnt it be great if it had something from that show or that game etc etc :D
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  11. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Well-Known Member Base Commander

    New awesome pet idea I found.
    Little squirt gun equipped combat robot. Pic source from Arms Note 3rd on Pixiv by 深井涼介.
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  12. Hotel6

    Hotel6 New Member

    yall all know that we would push the Chosen and the Melding the hell outta Earth all at once if we ditch the Crystite energy weapon stuff and go with a squirt gun.

    Joke aside

    As for cosmetics ? I would LOVE to have some custom decals on my frame and suit. Colors and stuff like what we can do in Warframe.

    And cosmetic attachments with animated effects like, 2 small exhaust nozzle sticking out of the back of your frame and start to fire up flames when you start to sprint and stuff like that. Attachments with animated effects in general, cloaks crests banner emblems badges that show which side you're on or your accomplishments plated on your frame.
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