[Suggestion] On potential ways to implant old FireFall abilities into Em-8er


Ark Liege
Oct 10, 2018
As the title would suggest, I had a single idea as I was just about to fall asleep, and thought I should post it here. Perhaps instead of allowing the old FF abilities in standard omniframes, perhaps you need special ones that are...for lack of a better term, "Rustic" looking instead of the sleek new design of current-gen Omniframes. I understand this would be a lot more detail and rigging work, but it would be a little nod to the fact that those are old/returning abilities that those older models can use, but have been surpassed by current tech in Em-8er.

Maybe I can make that as my custom NPC for being a founder. . .
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Jul 26, 2016
Interesting idea but I don't know if it would be implemented in game. Omniframes will be craftable and we don't know what that cost will be and at what World Tier they would be available. I don't believe the team will want the FF feelz to be on hold for those mechanics. Perhaps they may keep some abilities in reserve but I doubt it.


Jun 26, 2018
Maybe not a whole frame. Maybe just an old, rusty ability core? And you need to follow some quest steps to get the core working again. For example:

Step 1: Go to [insert name of a mechanics group], and let them take a look at the core.

Step 2: Find specific resources to reimburst the core with power. (maybe like little power crystals, you can only find in caves)

Step 3: Let the mechanics repair the core.

Step 4: [The core is incomplete and needs some tests] Test the ability on some enemy's. (maybe have long-ranged ability's sometimes miss the targeted location completely or deal no damage at all)

Step 5: Go back to the mechanics and let them tinker with the core.

And done, you recieve the ability in a newly refreshed ability core.

Edit: Maybe you can find these rusty old cores as rare mission drops, or just stuck in the ground somewhere in a desert, cave, etc.
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I know there is a lot of support for the ff abilities and what if these are available with regards to Gen Models


Gen 1: Firefall Abilities and such originally made for this [Only gen 1 abilities]
Gen 2: Hybrid Abilities from newer Gen 2 and previous gen. [cannot use gen 3 abilities]
Gen 3: New Gen surpassing previously gen [backward compatible]

Gen 1: Perhaps the first mechs for introduction they are good starters
Gen 2: Eventually could be created or discovered these mechs are more adaptable
Gen 3: Research and team work could unlock the Gen 3 advancement, these give you the best experience and freedom.