Subscription thoughts


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
For me subscriptions are nice but how can you make it better & appealing?

- Add option to reserve skin if unable to pay on that month the reserve lasts an additional 2 weeks more after the month, once the reserve time is up it is up.

- Add male/female variant info to know what your getting under each skin

- Add Loyalty program could earn 20% coupons seasonally to either pass to others or use for themselves.
loyalty goes into ingame too where ingame stores have a discount of some kind etc

- Add other skins such as thumpr, vehicles etc

- Add some group/family discounts for bulk purchase

- Add unique voice pack e.g farting A.I he/she talks funny and when scared farts and strains when overloading etc

- Add discount to upgrade if you are a subscriber, upgrading a pack cost is reduced but these discounts appear at the start of subscribing usually or at special times and are limited time until another could appear.

- Add vip points longer your a subscriber the more points you can earn these points go into a virtual card and can use for whatever you like skins and stuff ingame you can earn free points ingame too but subs get an allocated amount additionally if you save enough can put points towards

* Resource multipler
* skins
* expansion discount
* upgrades
* Name changes

Points can be put to virtual gift cards to0, give to someone but used sparingly.

- Special events Access free entrance to Em8er live events to Expo's etc etc

-Receive free Birthday gifts because its a special day!

Not sure what else but these are what would make me go well you spending this and you get all this sounds like a a win-win deal with all these perks we are getting too.

But what do you all think?
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