Streaming Capcom games, an example of a great content creation policy


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Nov 16, 2018
Capcom has an extremely pleasant policy for content creators:

The better description is down below in their FAQ.

Here's a more layman description.

Direct non-transformative "raw" streaming by a console or device is okay, but any other use of their content should be transformative. So Twitch streaming from your computer or making videos and uploading them to YouTube must be transformative. The odd middle ground of re-publishing their events and competitions is not allowed even if you make them transformative.

No having it on as background art while doing something unrelated; they want transformative and enhancing. So playing the game while talking about the game is fine, but playing the game and talking about how contemporary sculpting has failed cultural relevance is not.

No mixing in other copyrights (e.g. audio or media). They don't want videos with and about their content flagged and re-monetized to others.

No elevating audience age. Don't take a kids game and make a transformative work for adults. Furthermore, don't be "too adult" like being explicit, "offensive" or "objectionable". So they can target and take down anything they like.

No posting stuff before release.

Advertising and live tips are fine, but no sponsorship or things like videos made for Patreon members.

No promoting their-game rules breaking in content (e.g. hacks and cheating).

No streaming video of their hard media like books, but unboxing the outsides of things is okay.
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