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Jul 26, 2016
[LATEST] Squad Demo - Tsi-hu AI got an upgrade, they now form squads, plus some nice weapon and camera tuning makes for a good demo!

Greetings Reapers,

Have you played the latest demo yet? If so...
How do you feel about the Tsi-hu's Ai?
How do you feel about the Weapon feel and balance?
Finding any bugs?
How do you feel about everything in the build in general?

Let us know down below!


Jul 26, 2016
-The Gun play feels great
- Would like a sound indicator when I'm out of energy on the Plasma Cannon
-Overthrust is super overpowered
-The hit indicator is triggered when you shoot the T.H.M.P.R

-"Enemy Lock" bug is still present
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Nov 16, 2018
Thanks for making it easier to dash without needing to hold the space bar down.

It would be nice to be able to dash on the ground.

overthrust is way way overpowered and flings me so far

major hand strain issues playing, not sure what's going on with that yet

the missiles feel slow to lock on, and lack any real feedback or show.. they're "meh"

can we point out nearby players in our radar? I want to find people more easier. This could also provide a dot that's different based on player rank and an aura based on player involvement in the region, or possibly guild flags or the like.. if there were a zoomed-in / detailed mode for it


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Nov 13, 2018
1)- The Plasma rifle nerf is a bit EXTREME. It feels useless now. Maybe make the recharge 2x as fast? Right now its only 3 shots then 4-5 second recharge and doesn't match the fast pace of combat.
Also found a bug if you keep trying to fire while recharging, the recharge meter takes longer to refill.
Get the bug fixed and this would make a good "stock/starting point" plasma rifle configuration for future builds when we finally get the ability to craft quicker recharging times/ larger AOE etc and start upgrading our gear.

2)- At one point a Tsi-hu ran into my THMPR and it sent my THMPR flying off into the air.

3)- Not sure if Plasma rifle AOE has been changed in relation to distance, but a couple of times a point blank hit on a Tsi-hu did no damage when I shot at them from distance.

4)- first time I tried the new Afterburner a loud stuttering sound like a train rushing by happened for 3-4 seconds AFTER the completed Afterburner flight animation. I could not get this to repeat.
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Jun 9, 2020
I like that the new dash and gun changes
I like the plasma gun being nerfed a bit, but I do think the recharge is a little high.
The assault rile is a lot better but sometimes at distace when I should have really bad recoil for firing too long it still seems to hit, maybe too much aim assist?
Sometimes the tsi-hu seem to get stuck on each other in a pile in rifts, I think this has been happening in a few of the previous versions
I'd like some kind of notification that the shields have run out, same with the plasma energy
No shields and full shields also look the same since neither have a bar - we should be able to distinguish these two states
The Tsi-hu also don't seem to be locking on to me too much anymore, think I only got locked onto twice during the chief chat (seemed to happen to Grummz a bunch though)

The movement issue Grummz had at the end of the stream occurred at about 3:22:14
He was grappled into the ground and didn't die, I assume that may be the cause
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Dec 14, 2019
I think max crosshair expansion on the rifle could be lowered since with it so big right now it makes it feel less acuarate than it is, otherwise great work shooting in this game now is really fun, can't wait for more weapon types
Mar 11, 2017
On the non server first build-
- Color change was fixed if leaving field of view and returning
- Can infinite jump using afterburner and glider and jumpjets recharge during afterburner so can
(feed back to reduce afterburner effect by half and it will be similar to final game state of old fire cat
can very far distance traveling)
- Credit to Salteh for pointing out old edge of map bugs still exist were you can get stuck in top or edges of map, confirmed top of map glitch witch can also bug out tsi hu spawners for server due to not being able to spawn a point beyond the map.

On the n server-
- going beyond the map no longer affects the spawners for tsi hu confirmed in stream.

the plasma cannon recharge to 1 ammo feels bad and I think that the recharge should go to full ammo instead of having to wait for red lock recharge and then also for rest of plasma ammo to recharge as well.

movement seems great and love that the deepstryke now is connected to drop hight in some way or at least seems to be based on size of visual explosion.
assault rifle is now a super viable combat option and is almost the preferred because of consistent damage output making plasma canon almost unnecessary.

gliding is no longer variable with increasing speeds as you glide down from higher distances as it was in past builds which limits the amount of glide travel due to always being forced to go slightly down but is offset by the over powered afterburner

tsi hu have a capped are of attack and cant shoot you on top of the green shells on the map and distance sniping with the plasma cannon is still viable and is now an option with reduced recoil effects on the assault rifle

Health regen is working properly again and recharges if out of combat

also tsi hu are more accurate feel like smarter opponents in the non build but were stacking visually in stream on the n build

also the materials are still being accurately kept track of and transferring from demo to demo but leaderboards are being reset with each server reset and each new demo release not sure if this is intentional or not.

keep up the amazing work everyone!!!!


Jul 26, 2016
South Carolina, US
Loads of fun and the reason I try not to play the demos too much is how it leaves me clamoring for more.

I honestly feel the sideways overthrust is just fine, but the vertical does remove you a bit too far from the fight.

Dash is super sexy now.

Plasma recharge....OUCH

Rifle is fun and I think, right where it needs to be.

Gliding does seem slower now? No where near the enjoyable rush it had.

A.I. is great on how they hunt you and even give the hint of strategy with splitting up to go around things. I know they aren't thinking that way but still has that impression.

I dropped a t.h.m.p.r. near the fighting and a Tsi-Hu bull rushed it, sent it flying over 30 meters and it just stood there indefinitely until I was killed.

Grapple took me up in the air, lost all controls for even turning my view, and eventually slammed me down for instant kill.

The rest of the map I had Enemy Lock on my screen until I logged.

God I just want more....
Jun 13, 2020
All counter's is dead for me. And for me only.
I think i'ts some login bug, because now i'm "Invalid Name"
I cant check minerals counter (inventory), but i think situation is same.
After relog its work normal.

UPD: I'm repeat this bug. After login use plasmagun and missleswarm. Now try to check only plasmagun after login and only missels.

UPD2: Bug repeat only for plasma + missleswarm.
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
- The squad are more smart flanking and investigating where i was last could they also take cover if health is lower or if they are more defensive tsi hu?

- Could projectiles change colour as an example
1) Heavy charged shots by enemies are purple travel faster
2) Normal shots are yellowish and travel medium
3) Homing orbs/projectiles follow the target until it hits or gets destroyed travels slow-med

- The health bar on the enemy is nice to see too, are there options to turn it off too?

- The grappler does a nice leap and when getting close just runs backwards however maybe it could have a melee attack as an example if you get too close it could give a bash swipe?

Another thing i was wondering if we are above e.g. a shell why can't a grappler who has spotted you use the grappler to get closer to you and attack with a melee. The other usual tsihu won't be able to since they would be land based units.

Wonder if there could be glider enemies who spot you and taking them out can clear the air space otherwise it could get trickier.

- Noticed the Plasma gun can be shot 4 times continuously before recharging

Right now its only one shot every 3-4 seconds and doesn't match the fast pace of combat.
have to agree the recharge is a bit long.

Like to see the plasma gun have ammo number 4/4 like the assault gun

- The lock on sign still appears even after the grappler has gone

- Some area's still are tough to place a thumpr such as this spot with the big shell and slopes :oops:

Q strait up can almost send ya up into orbit
Really like this don't change it :cool:

It would be nice to be able to dash on the ground.
Dodging projectiles in a stylish way.

Rifle is fun and I think, right where it needs to be.

When can we get out of the mech and run about and hop back inside?

Tsi-hu are going to be tricky adversaries, i am wondering how many variants of tsihu there could be?

Good stuff when can we start riding bikes and using vehicles to knock tsi hu into the water?
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Mar 31, 2021
Going through the tsi-hu spawn gates, flying and then quickly using the afterburner seems to crash the game ( very specific). I think the glider is a bit too slow ( i like that the speed is consistent and that it must be at a downward angle though). Afterburner is a bit over done for the demo lol. I wished that the AI would react to getting shot or missiled in addition to the running they do in proximity.
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
With the 3 weapons so far assault rifle, the plasma cannon and missile swarm what exactly are their effect range?

At times i am missing shots further range with the plasma cannon even though it looks like i have hit the tsi-hu. So if the weapons could have an effective range indicator that could be helpful.

Doing some thumping and one point my thumpr got stuck between the shell and perfect timing where the tsi-hu portal opened up.

The thumpr drilled around there not moving as much as it usually would then just got stuck after finishing slightly away from the shell and no dropship arrived, after some time the thumpr vanished

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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
When i jump and jetpack against a hill sometimes the jet pack won't work & hear a boost kind of sound and if i do the same without a hill or object it seems ok.

Also does the health have any regen doesn't seem like it does but the shield regenerates after a little while.
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May 3, 2018
inventory screen is bugged, if you press i and then click on the inventory screen it softlocks you. (I had empty inventory at the time in case this is relevant if you are trying to reproduce bug)

Gunplay feels good but meh, I want a little better ads although I realise thats not the main agenda right now.

The AI feels fair enough although the grappler unit needs a marker to tell where the lock on is coming from or allow us to shoot in grapple to give us a chance to fight back? either one of the options work. Cuz its not fun seeing the red whip of death just be your last moment you see before being stunlocked and slammed into ground

also the plasma rifle feels like a 'heavy' weapon when its really not. Im ngl it does feel good to oneshot tsi hu with plasma cannon but missiles are far superior and recharge faster. Like seriously, there is nothing better about using a plasma cannon over a missile now. The missile is superior in every aspect compared to plasma cannon.

Also I love tap/toggle sprint instead of hold sprint but thats QoL change I'm willing to wait for.

Sometimes I feel like controls lag behind me but that could be latency network problem on my end, the double tap thrust boosts feel lagged a bit behind, just like deepstryke animation.

also gliders just feel so slow like literally overthrust is faster for traversing land horizontally than gliders, make them conserve more momentum or increase top speed for them.

also sound bug with the jetpack?
to reproduce, hug a clif wall or a rock wall, and tap space and hold space (kinda like double jumping in destiny until you realise this is not destiny and you have to hold the space bar so you hold it second time) you will get a sound bug where you get jetpack activating a lot


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Jan 6, 2021
Here's my collective report (not only limited to the latest SquadDemo):

1. The sound is still off. While in 1st person mode and walk forward i hear more footsteps in my left ear than in my right, strafing left makes me hear footsteps in my right ear, and strafing right makes me hear it in my left ear.

2. While thrusting upwards (double taping and holding spacebar), if i so much as touch a wall while still going up, the thrust startup sound is being spammed until thrusting ends.

3. Some foliage does not appear until I stand right on top of it. It's not one but a couple types that specifically do this (one that looks like clover, and another that looks like round/brown oysters) even on Epic settings.

4. The plasma gun is tilted, missing textures, and has the ammo display right in my face above the crosshair. (A neat feature would be to have the ammo-count built into the gun itself?)

4b. The plasma gun registers a "hit" even if I'm just shooting the ground.

5. I don't like the AntiAliasing technique, it degrades the quality and makes a muddy mess of everything (at least in 1080p).

6. I'd like to have the option(s) to change position of the crosshair and which side of the crosshair the character should be... I know all the games with 3rd person view have the character on the left side but I've always felt discomfort playing like that since all the 1st person shooters have the weapon on the right side, and in the case of 3rd person games the character is the weapon as far as I'm concerned.
At least in APB:R you could toggle between the two on-the-fly.

7. The character always faces the direction I'm aiming in 3rd person, I'd actually like to be able to see my character for some good screenshots and enjoy the environment every once in a while.

8. The "Deepstrike" ability feels weak/impactless, make the impact more dramatic with AOE shockwaves and perhaps add a minimum height from ground as a balance/tradeoff.

9. The "THUMPR" feels weak AF and I don't rly see why aliens would be attracted or even notice this robot mining. I'm sure there's a reason in the lore but technically most of everyone else will just see what is presented. Perhaps you should add actual thumping while it's drilling for minerals like a mega-jackhammer that quakes the ground beneath it?

Other thoughts:

Now this is gonna be a bit of a complaint but, it's still relevant. The "Omni Frames" is a cool idea, but as most of everyone will spend a bunch of real money on character skins, when does one get to show them off and enjoy the physics? I don't want this to end up like CP2077 where u got a nice character customization but you only get to see your creation a handful of times throughout the game... Just wondering where all of this balance out? Can't you make Omni Frames a support drop one has to call in from dropship like the THUMPER? After all, I'm guess most of the action will happen during events and thumping anyway, there should be plenty of non hostile wild-life in the final game anyway, with lots of content that doesn't require one to be in a suit all the time...
Just putting this out there as it's still not too late for change.
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