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  1. Thunderstrike

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    Just some requests I'm making before the concepts start being made.

    - Colors! Give bases a "theme", eg rust red, dark green, pale blue or faded orange when constructed (so that if the base is destroyed it won't look the same next time) to avoid the issue of them looking gray, ugly and samey. Giving single color themes allows for a fair amount of variety and simplicity from a design point of view, while allowing the bases to stand out among the snow of Em-8ER or terraformed biomes.

    - Verticality. I think this (along with the next point) has probably been considered, but if it hasn't it should be. Em-8ER gives the player thrusters to use, and the environments must allow players to take advantage of this. A sniper should be able to set up shop on the OCT, and a guy with heavy weapons should be able to engage on top of the walls. Tall buildings are already a necessity with the size of the THMPR compared to a refinery (unless it rolls into a ball for storage), but also give something to contrast with the large Kaiju and why they can destroy stuff and the regular baddies can't.

    - Building placement. This was briefly covered in the Vision Book but I thought I'd say it anyway, please don't follow Halo Wars' example of giving a cookie cutter template for all bases. Instead place down "slots" according to terrain and gameplay choices so that each base is special. Base at the bottom of a volcano? The shield repulsor should be a bit off-center towards the lava for protection against eruptions, or something. Maybe giant lava Kaiju. It would be excellent if this extended towards other things such as "foundations", laying down roads or a Floof (Floor-roof, think Hengsha from Deus Ex on a MUCH smaller scale) that allows buildings to be placed on two levels.

    - Every building must feel unique. Not to the point of every base having custom buildings, no. But each building type must be visually distinct and understandable. This is less important for buildings players do not interact with (such as the repair depot)

    - This isn't important, but it would be nice if random little NPC constructions turned up alongside the player-made constructions to help make the world itself feel alive and that the Gatestriders really do live here. Maybe a billboard advertising dinosaur-shaped Kai-chews cereal, small apartment buildings or dormitories, areas of scaffolding along cliff walls such as how the base in Broken Shores was set up, automated hydroponic gardens, etc. These little details would go a long way to helping the world feel alive.

    - Warnings before invasions. The Vision Book mentions that THMPRs will be used in defense against attacks, and I don't imagine it would be fun to be moments away from phased ore and suddenly your THMPR gets angry eyes and runs off leaving you to deal with the Tsi-Hu. This would give a chance for players to come from across the map and participate in the defense, a bonus if small wisps of smoke show up in the locations Tsi-Hu will initially attack to represent the opening time rift.

    - Initial building times must be quick. The most basic structures should be constructed in less than an hour or players may not feel like they're really accomplishing anything, or that it's too difficult to rebuild only for the Tsi-Hu to destroy everything in moments a few hours later.

    Finally, this is less a request and more a question. Em-8ER is going to be a large-scale war at times, and as players push outwards against the Tsi-Hu's bases and terraform there are going to be a few "dead regions" with few players as the major activity will be on pushing out into new regions. The Vision Book states that there's a minimum player number that must be there before an invasion will occur, but will there be any incentive to stay in these regions instead of the frontlines?

    I'd make some stuff to show off what I mean visually but I suck at drawing and Paint makes everything look horrible. Anyway, would be good to hear some other people's thoughts and own requests for bases.
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  2. Pandagnome

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    Thats cool i could imagine that be great for the snipers or whom ever is top to warn of the big kaiju and prepare.
    The colours would sure give a visual indication of the condition of the building and to make it look different then the same look.
  3. AdmiralStryker

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    I'm all for cool coloring, but try to keep in mind that this is a warzone. We don't want anything too gaudy.

    Can we also get bases with barriers and barricades, weapon racks, etc? They should look like a warzone, not a paradise.
  4. Thunderstrike

    Thunderstrike Player One Omni Ace

    Team Fortress 2's lime and pink paints are why I relish the death screams of Scouts. I've seen gaudy, and that's why I suggested dull colors like pale blue or rust red. Just enough color to make it stand out amongst the landscape and not look bland and dreary.

    Also, I'm pretty sure barriers and barricades are already planned. When dealing with monstrous Kaiju attacks, gotta do whatever you can to keep the smaller Tsi-Hu out.
  5. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Firstclaimer

    I'm talking about things in the terrain too, not just stuff we summon or place. Road blocks, rubble, bunkers, weapons racks. Stuff that gives the feeling that the place you're in is used for combat.
  6. Nalessa

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    I want the "Black Cats" colour theme for bases, black and blue.

    Looked so good on frames!

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