Some questions I came up with over the past few days that hopefully could be answered in a chief chat


Jul 26, 2016
1. Could/would the peerless/artisan upgrades apply to mech skins as well as pilot skins? What about mounts? Will the python be customizable? (I know that this is 3 questions, yes)

2. How would we balance the skinning of pilots with the character customization? For instance, would Toshi be able to create flat snek girl?

3. Squid girl when?

4. We know that there will be genetically edited humans. Will there be cyborgs?

5. When will we get some more common/uncommon skins? could future sub discounts be offset with a common/uncommon skin?
1. According to the backer rewards skins can be applied to our character and dropship and even our bikes, so I don't see any reason why it couldn't be done for our THMPR MEK-As . I mean, it shouldn't even be a question, really. Being able to customize our MEK-A's visuals, at least, in terms of skins, should be a basic element of the game.

2. Balance it in what way? Need you to elaborate on what exactly you mean. Why are "skinning our pilots" and "character customization" two separate things between which you're looking for some balance? Those two things should be one thing, to begin with, as far as aesthetics go, at least. Customization of gear/weapons/armor...etc., in terms of stats, mods, functionality would be a separate thing, but the skins we choose should, of course, automatically apply to whatever individual part of our armor we can change (shoulder-guards, gauntlets, greaves, helmets, caps, beanies, vests...etc).

"For instance, would Toshi be able to create flat snek girl?"
Who and what or who?

3. Who?

4. Funny you should ask now. The latest artwork, that Marigold character, if I understood it right and that is her name, she already looks part cyborg.

I don't know why I'm freaked out by it, though. Even in Cyberpunk 2077 I tended to avoid implants that would make me visibly more machine, like the mantis blades, it just freaked me out that they'd be in my hollowed out forerarms. It made me shudder. But I don't know why I'm squeamish about it, since one of my all-time, long-time favorite series is the Mega Man X games, hell, it's where I got my username from that I have been using for almost two decades now. And those character are not exactly flesh and bone.

5. We're getting some, now and then, through the monthly subscription thing. Outside of that, I'd imagine the designers/modelers will be churning out more skins when the playable game, with more substance starts to get some proper traction.