Some questions about the open world and bases/cities/safe places

Jan 28, 2017
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So I got some general questions about the things in the title.

-What kind of open world will it be? One big open world, more like WoW, or like an open world but kind of locked in different places/regions, which you need to travel to via a loading screen of sorts. Or maybe just tons of smaller maps which also require loading screens (not hoping this one, since Firefall was also more like a big open world if I remember correctly.)

-How will you transition from the "safe places" (like cities/bases etc) to the open world itself and what about suiting up and all that? Will it be more like Anthem, where cities are pretty much a separate instance and you are kind of locked in the city and out of your Omniframe. When you want to go out, you need to suit up, and there is a loading screen/transition cinematic. Or will it be more like Firefall was: you can come and go as you like and you can call in your Omniframe when you feel like (though I dont know how walking around the open world without your Omniframe would work, you'd probably get rekt by the enemies)

Just trying to get an image of how the game will feel in that aspect. Any answers are appreciated!
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Jul 26, 2016
Quick answers:

1. The open world will be divided into zones upto 8 km x 8 km in size. They will have loading screens in between. Think New Eden, Sertao and such. This will be akin to Firefall.

2. The bases are not a separate instance. They are built by players and exist in the open world. This is integral to the whole gameplay element of being attacked by Kaiju and necessitating their defence by players. They can also be destroyed if not defended, and will have to be rebuilt.

You may travel from them as and how you please, without a loading screen.

Omniframes can be called in as and when required, even during battle. The exact system is still being thrashed out. Initially the plan was to have them be available for call only once your current omniframe was destroyed in battle. Grummz is looking into having them available for call-in whenever the player needs it.

And yes, walking around in pilot form (without your omniframe) is not advisable, since you are extremely vulnerable. Once in pilot form, you will have to hide until you get your next omniframe delivered to you via dropship.
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Aug 5, 2017
From what has been mentioned and experienced from FF previously, the transition from/to open world will be an exciting many ways to look forward to.
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