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Mar 17, 2019
Found a few Bugs.
1.) If you die with the thumpr deploy out, it stays there no matter what as a ghost.
2.) If you fire missiles at someone, and they leave your render distance, missiles go straight and lose track.
3.) you can ride the shuttles off the map
4.) if you start firing a missile barrage, they keep firing even if you die
5.) if you swap weapons while gliding the gun appears and looks kinda weird
6.) (maybe) Only 1-2 thumprs can be called in at a time
7.) Splash damage doesn't give hit markers or sound
8.) Plasma first person has the ammo counter mid-screen blocking vision
9.) if your target dies while you are locking onto them, the HUD marker stays, but you can no longer fire at them
10.) Deepstryke splash damage doesn't work on rocks (?)
11.) You can fire missiles after death if you began launching and you died
12.) Missiles can go through Rocks
13,) The seafloor bleeds (This one should stay)

Things that would be neat
1.) A slider to move the camera left and right, so it's more centered or flipped.
2.) Aiming down sights with weapons


Jan 26, 2017
Agree with what Magestic said. Worth mentioning that I also found on rare occasions, I would just float infinitely into the air and could only correct by slamming down. I couldn't get a handle on what it was that prompted this.

I must say that it was immensely enjoyable even at this early stage. I'll forget about Majestic's constant barrage of missiles I suffered but I spent a good while on it. Very engaging and fun to see the Grummz totem poles of players walking around the land like some skinny transformer :)


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Mar 4, 2019
If i don't say anything about something it generally means i like it and/or have no suggestions.


I'm not a big fan of the current iteration of the rifts, tbh.
I have two suggestions there.

First they look too much like static objects to me rather than inter dimensional portals where essentially specters from a distant past pass through.

In my mind, i would have imagined the rifts being more smoke like, not to do away with the electricity but maybe a combination between smoke and electricity.

A Tsi-hu spawning i would have imagined to be a bit more like;

Maybe i'm just having Melding bias here and that's how that idea got stuck in my head.

Second, i'm not a big fan of how the different rifts constantly and simultaneously are connected to each other.

It would imo, be visually more appealing if the connections were more random and not continuous.

More like how lightning would strike between them.
That, i think would look cooler.


Since Grummz mention that the next demo will focus on bug fixing and tweaking i will post my main preferences for tweaking;
  • Game not really liking two inputs at once (sprint and jump for example)
  • Not being able to activate abilities from the ground
  • Overthrust not enough umph

My suggestions for improving the Jumpjets i have made in separate thread, i will however post them shortly here again;
  • Faster drain and recharge of Jets (maybe having dashing on a separate cooldown/tank)
  • Jumpjets recharging while falling, ability use, jumping and gliding. (So basically whenever not in use)
  • Jetsprinting (sprint+forward keys)
  • Hoversprinting (bounce when activating jumpjets right before hitting the ground)

Thanks for reading, good luck, don't panic and remember to always carry a towel.
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Jul 29, 2016
in third person camera mode - speed of camera rotation (with mouse) is limited (capped) !?
its kind of ok for gamepads but for mouse its very bad...
(Same problem was at release of Monster Hunter World on PC - All PC players hate it)

in first person mode - camera rotation speed is not locked
speed of mouse movement and speed of camera rotation is proportional - its fine
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Nov 13, 2018
I know @SaltehBleach is going to drop a wall of text on all the BUGS they found so I wont bother putting any in here. I will say I am impressed with this Demo and would like to suggest for the upcoming tweaking to-
1-Get rid of the ammo counter in 1st person/ move it to the side
2- Can you make the Tsi-hu attack you physically when your near them (I know weapons are coming)
3- The cool down for jumpjets should be quicker and maybe it can also work during gliding or freefalling?
4- Can we give the plasma cannon splash damage a bit more AOE?
5- VOLUME CONTROL for effects
6- Volume vs Distance.. No matter where you are on the map EVERYTHING sounds like its right next to you.
These are just suggestions of the top of my head.
Hopefully more Reapers will post some more Excellent suggestions!


Jul 29, 2016
so thumper is mining
- if resource unit (actor / model) catapulted up in sky - lets set at 50-100 meters above
it will not fall back
"it kind of think - already on ground - but still levitating"
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May 3, 2020

+=+=+ Menu/options +=+=

-opening options menu (via esc) shifts to the left a little (more noticeable when u spam esc) ((the entire window with texts moves to the left))

-opening menu (esc) and thumper menu ( c) at the same time causes both to appear, once exiting menu, you can play game normally with the T.H.M.P.R menu on (abilities n all) until you press c to get rid of it.

-standing a certain way in front of someone, your aim will glow red as if it's targeting something, and yes you can shoot that person. Even technically, you are not aiming at them

-within tab, if you kill yourself it counts as a player kill as well, this hasn't happened in previous demos so thought it was important to mention, though after one auto reset of the demo, it seemed to work just fine other than that one instance, still counts as a player kill.

+=+=+ T.H.M.P.R. fun :p (includes dropship abuse, in fun ways of course) +=+=+

-Once Dropship comes to pick up T.H.M.P.R because right now the dropship is a “cube like hitbox” or flat, you can place a jump pad there, and it will stay once the dropship flies away, now you got yourself a floating jump pad B)

+=+=+ Physics/controls +=+=+
-flying into the border and going up and down, it handles differently, you move faster up and down, can hop diagonally? (aka hugging the wall and flying handles differently going up and down)

-walking right next to an omni frame either behind, or to either side then jumping and activating jets will cancel flight, walking straight up to their face and flying will allow you to continue flying upwards (collision hitboxes most likely)

-double tapping w while flying (acceleration thingy) sometimes works or doesn't when trying to chain them, unless there's supposed to be a cooldown idk, think it would be cool to chain consistently tho :D

+=+=+ interesting visuals +=+=+
-going to summon a bouncepad then dying (with it still highlighted on the ground) with a either green or red highlight will stay on the ground till after death (relogging seems to be the only way to get rid of them) (only you can see them)

-going to place a bouncepad and placing them under the moving tsi-hu, give some… interesting results others cant see, though really funny LOL (comon, i know you want to move them “telepathically” too) (only you can see this happen, once tsi-hu move again they fling back to where they were supposed to be)

-Watching a Tsi-Hu walk around will randomly disappear after awhile, though I understand this is so there's not TOO MANY tsi-hu, think it would be better if it stops spawning after a certain cap so they just don't randomly vanish into thin air.

-putting a gun away will show one gun on your side, when you switch out weapons weapon A will stay on your side while weapon B is in your hand. (vise versa) when you pull out your gun the first time nothing is on the leg/gun holster of your character.

-having you plasma gun on your side already and assault rifle in hand hitting alt you zoom in slightly more in 3rd person then alt again to put it away, you have both guns clipping through each other on the side of your frame

-with nothing in your hands, going into first person, you automatically pull out your gun

-going in first person with a plasma gun, the ammo counter is quite large in the middle of the screen… same with assault rifle

-walking near tsi-hu after running.... about 1/2 their uh... "hair" just bends back... do they have hair physics? LOL, NOTE: this does not seem to happen on armored tsi-hu, just normal tsi-hu

-killing a tsi-hu while they run (with correct timing and aim) their corpse falls thru the map... more noticeable with missiles locked on.

-performing an infinite jump glitch (for speed) and going down with gliders, once floor is near go up and cancel wings, you will shoot up to where you originally were and probably higher. (if wings loose height over time shouldn't you loose height while launching yourself up too?) idk, just a physics thing to me that could probably be abused... o_O

-probably stated before, but rifts can spawn in hills and the chains/lines between rifts clip through rocks/hills

-canceling out of glider wings via jetpack (spacebar) (a tap/slight tap) while falling down (not holding space bar) will show the jetpack flare visuals plus sound, even if you aren't holding space bar in the air. (cancels out when you land and return to normal)

-using your wings on a jump pad and looking up until the wings are retracted will keep the wings out untill you move (your still in flying/gliding pose while jumping) (other people can see, not just you.)

+=+=+ gun glitches +=+=+

-by bringing a gun out via shooting then pressing alt gives you a zoomed in version of 3rd person pressing alt again puts the gun away. Note: in keybinds this key is listed as zoom. (unless these were supposed to be separate keybinds? Wouldn't know, just a note?)

-(found by Lkw :D) changing the camera mode while switching weapons causes various issues depending on where the animation was interrupted. Most of the time it stops the gun from firing or being able to switch. If timed right it can cause the gun to not be held (but arm still out) while firing normally. Other weirdness that happened are guns floating out in front or holding both guns at once inside each other (but only shooting one).

*basically, don't interrupt changing weapons animation or guns will have interesting effects, visually and functionally

-targeting someone and moving far back enough then right clicking to "shoot" (or cancel out of missile locking) will shoot no missiles but still have a countdown timer.

-targeting someone then moving out of range and coming back to re-target anything/target anything else will not work or target therefore you cant shoot anything.

+=+=+ other +=+=+
-sounds, obvious but just to make sure…. Pls add a volume slider… my ears beg.

-pls add keybinds for slide on demand :D (cant change from left-ctrl)

-holding shift while standing still moves camera... (ik its to make it seem like your running faster, but i dont think its meant to do it while not running)

If you need better explanations and such, discord tag is SaltehBleach c: (usually online)
I sux at wurds, i can speak typo/nonsense 100% better

As for the gun glitch, refer to Lkw for that .o.

Mandatory thanks to fae,Lkw, and others who kept me company in VC and help tested glitches :D

Also side note: ship when close to ground particle effect?!?!? SUPER COOL!

side note: im too anti-social to make another post so i cont. to edit this post :D
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Jun 22, 2017
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh same bug from the very first demo with login. If you have the demo downloaded, you can login with any account. Even accounts that should not have access to the demo.
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Jun 22, 2017
Im sure others have/are going to mention this. but the lower half of the character is missing in first person. The holstered gun is still visible. Such as when holding the plasma in first person you can look down and see the assault floating where it should be holstered to your leg. floating gun holstered.png


Jun 22, 2017

still wondering if the graphics are going to get changed back to how they were in the terrain demo. the post i linked has pictures for comparison with the camera in relatively the same spot. terrain demo looked so nice and colorful. new builds have an orange tint to them and less foliage even on max settings. even the rocks looked better on lowest settings. terrain demo comparison.png
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Ah what i noticed in the new demo

- There is a bigger tsihu with armor a leader perhaps, could sound a little different to the other tsihu?

- The Tsihu are running or is that a jog i wonder what there top speed could be!

- The Tsihu make strange noises i like it especially when the part on their back turns red and they make the sound rdguuouoyhhy.

- when shooting a group of Tsihu with plasma launcher the ragdoll effect is fun

- The spawn effect not always but at times continues to make the sound effect when the electric effect has vanished.

- In pvp the spawn electric effect was damaging and it hurt resulting in death !

- iike the gun ammo indicator

- The plasma gun in 1st person mode looks strange held at a slight angle

- The launch pad could have a sound effect that would make it better

-double tapping w while flying (acceleration thingy) sometimes works or doesn't when trying to chain them, unless there's supposed to be a cooldown idk, think it would be cool to chain consistently tho :D
ooh yes!

-Watching a Tsi-Hu walk around will randomly disappear after awhile, though I understand this is so there's not TOO MANY tsi-hu, think it would be better if it stops spawning after a certain cap so they just don't randomly vanish into thin air.
Yes and if they do vanish could have an effect like they are using some stealth tech

If this was in red it would look like the predator aim targeting :D

  • Faster drain and recharge of Jets (maybe having dashing on a separate cooldown/tank)
  • Jumpjets recharging while falling, ability use, jumping and gliding. (So basically whenever not in use)
  • Jetsprinting (sprint+forward keys)
  • Hoversprinting (bounce when activating jumpjets right before hitting the ground)

You know how some cars have those modes such as sports mode, and eco mode etc etc
What if the mek had such mode so the power mode would give you more power and faster drain and recharge as you mentioned while the other mode could be for conserving power perhaps.

PIghead Elderberry

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Jun 4, 2017
I missed the demo time, so I had to log in all alone.

I very much like how the targeting with the shoulder missiles is so seamless and easy. It does not interfere with flying about, shooting... It blends completely into the action. Very nice implementation of that.

I do not like (placeholder) how the shoulder missile explosions are in kind of orbs. They do not look like explosions to me.

I agree that a little more AOE on plasma cannon might be nicer. As one of the weapon types it is shaping up well.

The regular rifle feels weak, and once I switched to the plasma I never wanted to go back. It does not feel precise and has no power to it. Bleh.

I would like to be able to queue up summoning a thumper and then be able to glide into a location and drop the thumper right as I land. I did that once by accident, when I tried to replicate it, it did not work reliably or at all. Perhaps the first time I had already landed? I like the idea that I see a spot and zoom into it and drop my thumper at virtually the same time.

I like the FPS very much.

Movement seems more fluid and smooth from the earlier builds.

I like the fact that I can jet pack up insanely far and fall slowly so that I feel like I am floating and can shoot and drop missiles while floating. This presumabely would be like what a high mobility frame would feel like when souped up with mobility. This aspect, as a way to play with a high mobility frame would be great. It is a kind of floating, flying mobiliby rather than a "run fast" mobility.

I agree that they do not quite seem like portals, but I like the general idea and the danger of the electrical links. I agree with a previous poster that it might be nicer if the electrical links jumped and were more erratic (try it at least). It will add a lot of dynamic play to encounters if the portals group and come and go and one never knows where the electrical links will end up as portals come and go.

Having the electrical links is a great addition.

Should the electrical links stun us? Damage us only? Stun and damage?

They remind me of Diablo fire chains, which could be a real pain.

I didn't encounter much, but if I drop a thumper and then try to drop a second one (even far away from the first) it will give a green indicator, but it will always say "another thumper is already nearby". It should not be green if I can't spawn it. It should not say one is nearby if I am far away. If I can't have more than one, it should not even give me the option to deploy at all if I have my thumper down already.

Sometimes my shoulder missiles lock but then miss. One time just now there was one Tsi-Hu left at the end close to me, I got two missiles locked on him (not 4, for some reason) and then they both hit behind him. Another time I was way way high in the air and did a 4 lock, but they appeared to me to detonate as airbursts above the Tsi-Hu. I was way high up. That is what it looked like.

Even at this stage, because the shoulder missiles are so seamlessly integrated, it feels great to be firing them off and even before they hit calling in a thumper and shooting off plasma bolts. This isn't even with abilities yet! It is great that at this super early stage, one can log in all alone, and even now feel like one is doing a whole bunch of things at once with the thumper thumping about, the Tsi-Hu spawning, the rockets swooping, the plasma bursting... and all that is without Tsi-Hu AI implemented and no meaning yet to picking up resources, and NO ONE else on the server! That makes me feel that every moment will be action packed always whether we are just solo thumping or fighting an invasion with loads of other players.

Excellent progress!

p.s. Can we have some kind of either animation or tool thing that activates when we pick up a resource? The dynamic aspect of having to pick up the thumped resources is excellent, and with the thumper moving around and the resources popping out keeps us constantly moving and adds to the frenzy of action. This is all very good in my book.
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