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==== MAIN POINTS ====
► Today [Thursday, September 16, 2021] Grummz revealed the brand new, untextured, Tsi-Hu concept art!

► The Tsi-Hu model is rendered in Unreal Engine 5. The colors and materials are To Be Determined at a later date.

► Harry streamed a demonstration of the Tsi-Hu animation system he has been working on.

► New CSR skin is releasing on September 20, 2021! It will be a surprise!

► The return of the Female Bunny Skin, in the General Store, a limited time sale, coming soon!

► Something NEW is coming with the Em-8ER Patron Subscription Program!

► We’re VERY close to the 1500 sub goal for the heavy omniframe model!

► Grummz: One thing you'll notice about the Tsi-Hu is, they're a lot less robotic than they were. Do you remember in the original build? We did take the textures off and there's no textures on this Tsi-Hu model because I'm holding off on the final color palette of the game until we have all the models in. I want to see everything together with the terrain and then we'll start doing it.

► Grummz: The Tsi-Hu are much more tribalistic, much more kind of shamanistic and their technology is harnessed by crystals from their homeworld to enhance the contrast between the Tsi-Hu and the Gatestriders [Grummz mentions James Cameron's "Avatar" movie as one inspiration].

► Grummz: They don't have guns because we got rid of them. They have these staves [did he mean spear?]. There is a crystal main[(what?)] on the fish kaiju skull piece, that actually fires energy weapons from the staff. The Tsi-Hu also use the staff as a melee weapon. The staff is also considered a biotech weapon. If you look at the butt of the spear, there's a kaiju eye in it.

==== TECHNOLOGY ====
► We’ve had a nanite test, we may do a Lumen test as well. Then another test on terrain once more.

► Grummz: The reason why we're making a whole new animation system for the Tsi-Hu is because the player's system is too complicated for NPCs, too heavy weight. We want players to do a lot of things and look really cool. It's got to be general purpose and stuff. But for the NPCs we need a more simplified system.

The system we were using with the Tsi-Hu in the demos up until now, really haven't cut the mustard in terms of quality. You know how they skate and slide every where and the THMPR turns in a funky way? We don't really have control over that because it's a third party piece of code that we used for NPCs to control their animations. We decided we need more control so we're going to go ahead and make our own.

Harry's been hard at work and he's going to show the fruits of his labor, eventually.

► Locomotion System for NPCs.[Harry’s part of the stream]
What we’re trying to do is create a believable and reasonably organic system of motion to create natural motion. But also to avoid moonwalking and to have smooth transitions between states – running, standing, attacking, etc. (Stride Warping)

New Unreal Engine 5 tools to create different running speeds without having to animate every single possible moving speed. We also need strafing and turning in place. (Motion Warping)

New procedural Animation tools built in UE5 to help animate stuff, saves the Dev Team the need to create an animation for every single situation.

► Full Body IK System. The Dev Team is using this system to adjust foot placement on slopes and animation of legs in movement.

[IK is used to make producing the animations faster and easier by automatically solving bone positions for the user based on others.]

The Tsi-Hu have a walk, a trot, and an all out run animation. The IK solver handles more than 2 legs; this is important for our Kaiju.

==== Q & A ====
► Question: So all this is blueprint based?
Grummz: This part is. We use quite a bit of C++ code too in the game. And more will be ported.

► Question: How much of this (animation) can be shared with other characters?
Harry: To all characters that share the same skeleton.

► Question: Is that a murloc skull on the Tsi-Hu weapon?
Grummz: No comment.

==== QUOTES ====
► Grummz: “We do skins and a lot of them.”

► Grummz: ”They should have named it [IK] the ‘Time Warp’ node.”

The Professional Knob Tweakers
Ronyn: “Harry doesn’t tweak knobs?”
Ronyn: ”Grummz is definitely a knob tweaker. A professional knob tweaker. And I’ve seen Nizuul tweak knobs when he didn’t know I was looking.”

Gargle The Yogurt for Murlocs
Grummz: ”Do you know how the murloc sound was made? The sound engineer was in the audio booth having lunch and he was making murloc noises. And part of his lunch was yogurt and he decided to gargle yogurt to make that sound. We took it out of beta because it was a place holder and the community went into an uproar – Bring it BACK! But that was actually the sound of gargling yogurt!”

Ronyn: “Gargle the yogurt”
Ronyn: “You know, I usually make inappropriate jokes. But you guys are making it too easy today.”

==== FUN STUFF! ====
► FAI’s thanks raffle winner! ♦ Aetrion ♦

Nov 24, 2019
► Grummz: The Tsi-Hu are much more tribalistic, much more kind of shamanistic and their technology is harnessed by crystals from their homeworld to enhance the contrast between the Tsi-Hu and the Gatestriders [Grummz mentions James Cameron's "Avatar" movie as one inspiration].

Hmm, so we are playing the humans and the AI are the Na'vi?
Very based. I am pleased. :D