RP Rules & Guidelines

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Jul 27, 2016
Please read these rules and guidelines before posting. This page will help you get a smooth start with all of the RP’s in this section!

If you have questions or concerns about moderation, you may contact OhNoDomo!`. She is the go-to until a permanent decision has been made.

GM Actions: GMs inside their respective RP's reserve the right to destroy PC characters or assets at their discretion in the RP. GMs are entrusted not to abuse this privilege and use it only when necessary. Players may or may not get a warning before this happens, as it will be seen as a way to direct the player towards a more fair and well rounded character and roleplay.


  • Respect the GM’s: We’re here to keep the peace and make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.
  • Same Forum, Same Rules: You are in a sub-sector of the Ember & Crixia gaming forums. The Forum Rules are the end-all. Know them, love them, abide by them.

  • Respect Your Fellow RPer: This involves basic etiquette.
    • Realize we have people from all countries and all races and all religions and all orientations and all other walks of life. Everyone is welcome.

    • If an RPer does something in the RP that you think is wrong ask them why they did it and if they will change it. Discuss in OOC what the problem is. If a resolution can't be gotten to, ask a GM to step in and we'll help you fix the problem. (It's usually good practice to STOP the RP if this happens, that way you don't have to go back and say "Ignore these posts" or go back and edit them.)
  • No Sexual Content: Romantic situations have always been welcome in the storytelling world however they need to remain within public display bounds. Any overtly sexual content will be given a warning and deleted.
  • No Bunny-modding: This means taking over another player’s character or making them act/react in a specific way. This is not acceptable RP. Never assume you know what the other character will do. (Sometimes, someone gives you explicit permission to run their character while away. This is the only time bunny-modding is acceptable.)

  • No God-modding: This one should be pretty easy. God-modding is when a character is able to do whatever they want, whenever they want with little or no consequences. Characters can’t dodge bullets. This is also important for character creation as there are certain limits within the RP that must be adhered to, despite the fact this is a sci-fi/space opera RP. GM-vehicles (PC's played by the GM of a thread) are the only characters allowed to God-mode, and even then you shouldn't see it happen all that often.

  • No Meta-gaming: At least, try not to. Simply be certain to make the movements "realistic" based off the knowledge the character has. You can easily say your character trips and falls at just the right time, landing on their face and making a fool of themselves as a way to avoid a sniper shot. You cannot say your character suddenly and inexplicably realizes that they've been shot at and moves out of the way intentionally. Over-use of coincidental situations will be brought up and dealt with.

  • No OOC in RPs: Be respectful of the story and don’t start OOC conversations in the middle. If minor adjustments need to be made, you can use the standard (( … )) format to ask a short question or make a point, as long as it is specifically RP related.

  • No Double Posting: Basically, this means let the other characters/players have a chance to react to you before you continue beating on them or walk away from the conversation. If you have two or more characters that you're RPing with but forgot to post as one, there is an [Edit] button on the bottom of your post. Use it. If more than 30 minutes has passed and nobody has responded to you, or if you know factually that your RP buddy is gone for a long while, then it is ok to post again.
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