Roleplaying outlet/viability

Apr 20, 2017
Will roleplaying be viable in Em8er? Would there be locations, tools that would facilitate roleplays like lobbies, bars, markets and so on?

Social hubs where players have a good reason to congregate for gameplay mechanics wise like how WOW taverns used to work (stay in the tavern for XP bonus) and markets would be a great attraction to roleplay type players which imho would enrich the player experience much more.

Tools as simple as being able to sit on a chair, or a consideration for long text being written within a chat window that is adjustable. Would be cool if we could get guild hubs or a much much bigger and louder Tiki Bar :)

thanks for reading!
I don't see how sitting around for XP bonuses could enrich player experience no matter your character's build (what class it would resemble the most) and there will be no XP, anyway. In Firefall, there were already enough players who'd stand around in a corner of e.g.: FOB Harpoon, because even though it was underground it was close to a mission area and they'd get free XP just by being near. I never want to see anything even remotely like that, whether it is an exploit or a legitimate mechanic of the game. Have hubs where players could shop for supplies, items...etc., sure. There's nothing that should prevent that. But to stay inside a tavern for some bonus? Since they'll be no XP, there won't be things like a well-rested bonus effect for extra XP-gain and stuff like that. And what else could there be, besides that? A temporary buff to certain stats from congregating (e.g.: we'd sign out of the game in a garage or tavern, sign back in, a few hours later)? But, we'll be piloting mech-suits. Those can't/shouldn't get boosts like that. What? Instead of of "Well-Rested" bonus, it'd have something like "Well-Oiled" for faster movement speed, for a couple of in-game hours? The only other thing I could imagine would be army/guild bonuses that would increase one's chance of finding rarer resources, equipment...etc. out on the field. But, that'd be a small, ever-present, bonus that would be granted to people, either upon joining, or after completing a few assignments. They wouldn't need to sit around in a hub.
Jul 28, 2016
Specific places? I guess there would be all sorts of places here and there. Personally I would be hanging out around the corpses of my enemies bragging about the holes I made.

A chat window and functionality will of course be in the game. I've got some ideas there, but I'll articulate them when we're in beta.