Rip Ching Chong.

Apr 9, 2018
Here lies the ability to say 'Chiiiiiiiiiing . . . . . .Chonnnnnnnnng' in chat. Been saying it since 2016 or 2017. Can't say it anymore as of October 2019.

I don't even get prior or subsequent warnings, they just up and disappear. And of course even with discord's powersearch features(Or the powersearch features aren't that good.), I can't find any of those posts to prove it. That, combined with the lack of face-to-face or publicly-stated intervention, makes it very hard to think in any reasonable terms other than that 'they were probably individually sought out and deleted' or that 'someone has a personal grudge or an emotional issue affecting their judgement'. That is poor moderation. Stop deleting my ching chongs arbitrarily. And never retroactively delete past posts that you 'didn't deem was a violation' the first time around. Only target the immediate post.

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I will say this though, If that were the case then I'll leave my statement as such: I have been posting it for years before their precious blizzard-hate-interest came into existence, I have more than earned the right to use it. And I won't give it up just because some individual mod decided to honor urbanDictionary and equate every little phrase and symbol of the chinese language to mean something along the line of 'sex' or 'fucking' or whatever racist thing they came up with that day that probably nobody else on their team agreed with. If you want me to stop ching chonging, put clarification towards recurring posts in your rules. Or post something(like you drunken idiots WILL ever post anything on the matter, you people don't even give warnings or notices.). Diplodocous poops, torgue booms, I ching chong.

Do I really have to resort to permanently logging and snoop everything I do regarding em8er now? Do I have to maintain my own 'untampered' logs as well?
Oh wait. They won't answer that rhetorical question anyways. I've come to expect that.

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#5. No. You are being pious, you have a problem with this piousness in discord as well. Don't just pick a line and claim it as personal, you have to discriminate. Have a point.
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Jul 26, 2016
Alright I see you're unhappy about loosing the ability to say a certain phrase. Let me be clear.

1: It is my understanding that you were always aware of the problematic nature of that phrase. This isn't some kind of confusing, unforeseeable moderation. In most cases people are informed of moderation via PM, in some cases it is considered so obvious that it is not necessary. However if you truly were unaware of the potential problems if the phrase, then I apologize for thinking you already knew. Please look it up.

2: There is no exact science on exactly which commonly used, racially pejorative phrases will be viewed as breaking the rules on the forums and discord. We do the best we can in recognizing them as they occur, and dealing with them the best we can, providing some amount of lienincy when such phrase does not seem to be used with malicious intent. Having a phrase deleted without any additional action like loosing the ability to post, being kicked or banned, is a particularly soft style of moderation. It is as painless as it can be.

2: "Getting away" with things will usually come to an end in time. Whether that's typing in chat when expressly asked not to or using phrases that are commonly an issue.

4: There has been no retro active action on posts with this phrase from years past taken by this staff.

5: Calling the moderation team "Idiots" is a personal attack which is against the rules. I am certain you are aware of this.

Now, I ask that you let us all move past this.


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Jul 27, 2016
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Here are some replacement words that could be suitable

This is when the police come in their car

This is also a character from a cartoon inside out, & also a trump phrase