Rend, a new game with actual NEW stuff.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ObsoleteVodka, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. ObsoleteVodka

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  2. Nunaden

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    welp, looks good, but i fear it won't run on my machine due to 2 problems: 1st ex-blizzard DEVs so they probably won't port the game for macOS (like every shitty big fucking company does, it'S a wonder that blizzard decided to port SC2 to mac, but that probably comes from the fact that RTS is a tiny tiny genre lol) 2nd too high graphics, DEVs are currently too dumb to optimize any shit they do, they use bad engines or are to incompetent to be resourceful (it are mainly the mapmakers though, too many faces while having low details *facepalm*)
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  3. NoahDVS

    NoahDVS Deepscanner

    I know you're frustrated with the general lack of support for Macs, but I think you're taking it overboard. You say the game is unoptimized, but have you played it yet?
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  4. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    nope 'Cause i can't, but really, look at how much a 1.5GB graphic card could do and how much the DEVs make outta it.. even Unturned lags and you got hella few faces and effects, and i play Shadow of Mordor with just 7fps less...
    If i look at what we did in Cube 2 without chunks and just the simple mapmaking system the shit i see is paling. We sometimes went over 100k faces and we rand that shit on 30 fps. (though we had the ability optimize EVERY face we had, turning 8 faces into one). now you usually run 50k faces with 20 fps lel (the first on the highest options the latter with lowest options).
  5. NoahDVS

    NoahDVS Deepscanner

    I still think it's pretty unreasonable to call a group of devs incompetent because there's a possibility their game won't meet your standards. There's plenty of reasons why they might not spend lots of time optimizing their software that don't make them incompetent.

    Looking back at Firefall, "It's in BETAAAA" is a lame excuse for some problems, but it's true that premature optimization tends to make changing things later on more difficult.

    Do you know what their map making system is? Are they using hand crafted maps or are maps generated? You can't hand optimize generated maps. It seems like generated maps would be ideal for this kind of game. If they use hand crafted maps, I'd imagine this game will get old quickly unless you love the PvP.

    A developer's time isn't unlimited, so when you're changing or adding a lot of things, optimization gets pushed back.

    By Cube 2, you mean, right? Those graphics are pretty old, so better performance shouldn't be too surprising, even without lots of optimization. Macs aren't made for gaming in the first place, so poor performance and a general lack of support shouldn't be surprising. Linux might someday get a decent amount of support with the work Valve is doing, but Mac won't unless Apple fundamentally changes their strategies.
  6. Dreamin

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    Thanks for the tip. When it open I'll take a look for real.

    First impression from trailer; Y2K era sandbox mmo with some "modernized" future tech.

    The art work looks awesome, I really like the open world views. Character/Beast models appeared really stiff, single/basic action movements nothing complex enough to make the motion look normal.
  7. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    i didn't call them incompetent but most DEVs, and i know that everything needs time, but meh.... (and boy, i saw some horrible stuff... i found a cube 2/redeclipse fork that combined red eclipse (a cube2sauer fork) and Cube 2 Sauerbraten, the result was: just firing the pistol 5 times dropped the fps from 50 to 5)

    And with Cube 2 i mean either or if i want to talk 'bout Cube then i just say cube or Cube engine.
  8. SunderPlunder

    SunderPlunder Well-Known Member

    Well now this game has certainly piqued my interest! But I won't hype it-it is never good to hype a video game ( Remembers how No Man Sky fcked up)
  9. Silv3r Shadow

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    Thanks for the game mention, surprising I actually like this one. Will check more of it out when I'm home.
    It genuinely looks fun, I think its a co-op type game like warframe (perspective wise).

    My reasons why I knew that no mans sky was going to be a dud. All of these star citizen like mechanics thrown into the game, they forgot what makes space games fun lol.
    In the end it was all designed for console. The companies bulk advertise coming to PS or Xbox so the console fanboys overhype the crap out of 'new' games (to console anyway). Nothing new to the PC franchise that we already have lol.
    Developers have the sellout support of Sony and Xbox to hype train and advertise them, so they don't need to make a good game to make a profit. Consoles will take any games they can cause they have very little titles and selection. Notice how there have been many let down with the next gen consoles, titanfall, watchdogs, Evolved, infinite warfare, The order 1886, siege, the division, battlefront, etc and they are their biggest A+++ flagship console titles. They also have a 15 min gameplay run with a director pointing out 'all' (every) unique feature in the game, "look at this what the player does, that's pretty cool, its a nice feature we put in the game". But For PC, games have to be good to survive lol. Like steams reviews.
    Games that originate for PC as a success usually get ported over like warframe for example, that's why blizzard decided to go for consoles for overwatch as well, it was originally only going to be for PC, they knew they made something great and didn't have to make a facade out of it by showing minimum game footage to hype it up, they gameplay off lots before release. Every game is made and playable on PC, they just make a contract for consoles, when the contract time period as a console exclusive has ended, they then release it on PC later, like Tomb Raider.

    Also, when a game that is a console based release (PC optional but not Dependant), and they have a 'play beta weekend' 2 weeks early, its not beta at all, its pre-release (final release stage). They've already burned the disk and sent the game off, that too is a gimmick. The average of gameplay for mediocre games is no greater than 3 days before you loose interest.

    Just my 2cents on knowing if game will be good or not.

    btw Mass Effect Andromeda looks promising :p
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