Random Em-8ER thoughts


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Nov 13, 2018
As I was thinking about the upcoming Terrain Demo I started mulling over what drew me to FF Beta and my hope's for Em-8ER. I think it boils down to one primary thing for me. The "grind"/"progression" in FF Beta was satisfying. I am not a fan of 90 hr grinds in games and in the old FF Beta the rewards matched the progression/grind. Even though it was just one part of the game, thumping was a joy, searching for a sweet mineral patch, fending off swarms and the satisfaction of getting the thumper off in time. Then heading back and building up your frame, trying out upgraded guns, thrusters etc. The time spent during the fun grind matched the equally fun payoff.
Cannot wait for the Playable Mockup to get that old thumping excitement back again!
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
The dropship was great i liked to jump out of them!

What made me enjoy the game was the way we could move with the use of jetpacks, gliding, riding bikes, and so on..... Bikes were certainly my fave!

The creatures in firefall such as the iconic brotodon could be the evolved version of the elephants/mammoths

Standing on them to see how long it was the equivalent to bull riding until it got mad :p