Questions about Guilds!


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Sep 15, 2017
Guilds search and limitations:
One of the things that could give a lot of problems in game are the guilds and the guild search system.
In many games we have thousands of guilds with only one or two players.

This can be a problem, especially if the game doesn’t have any kind of guild search feature, and it makes players lose a lot of time to find the guild they want to get in.
And the same happens if the guild search feature is very basic and it’s not case sensitive.

Other games have some kind of limitation system, where a guild after created have 30 days to find at least 6 players or it get disbanded automatically, and/or have some kind of points system that the guild needs to produce every week by its players to not get disbanded, with that point system becoming higher with the level or rank of the guild.

In Em8er, will we have some kind of limitation system to prevent a lot of guilds with one or two players?
Or will we have some kind of complex guild system to help players find what they want?
Or both?

Guild leaders:
In many games, there’s a problem when the leaders with all the roles become inactive and the members can’t manage the guild and are forced to leave.
Some games have the auto-kick feature for inactive leaders after some time.

Will Em8er have something like that?

Guild Perks:
In many games, the guilds can level up with the work of its members, to earn some perks like more members allowed, bonuses to players…

Will Em8er guilds be able to level up or rank up?
Will we have perks and/or bonuses from guilds?
If yes, what could they be?

What do you think?
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Nov 16, 2018
I disagree with the foundation of your concerns.

1 - No in-game functionality needs to exist to search for guilds; there are chat channels and there is a forum.

2 - The state of other guilds is nobody's business but their own.

3 - When a guild leader leaves, yes all the players should just leave on their own. Hopefully they will stay friends and form their own guild. No mechanic needs to exist.

Your best friend who hosts the best parties might one day lose interest. That happens, just hang out at someone else's place.


I have no comment on your other ideas. I like the idea of mechanics encouraging player socializing.