Q: Will we explore the whole world or just pockets ?

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Dean Cyrus, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Dean Cyrus

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    say as would ember be the first open world whole planet world or like firefall with pockets and melding walls u need to push back and only go so far?

    What i mean is will we be able to explore the whole range of the world as such on succesion in the years to come will it be dlc content or will we be stuck in zones and such cuz will we be able to explore the see floor and go on adventures in teh skie and such?
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  2. NanoTechnician

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    I see it as static parts, and generated parts. As in, you have areas that are travelable explorable areas.


    Having gates to different locations also makes it worldwide biomes, and as for dlc's, I see it as a more of a shop for cosmetics for weapons, mechs, cats ears and other such paraphernalia.
  3. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    I hope there will be alot to explore and see as Dean cyrus said because if it was in the skies and in the seas the planet itself has so much to see! The gatesways to other planets would be very cool like in stargate series and even sliders series etc etc
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  4. Terricon4

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    Hmm.... just though of having a giant steaming river with ice chunks dynamically spawned at one end flowing through the map. Like this thing takes ten plus seconds to jump/jet across so it's not small. Chunks have physics and can bang into and interact with others, or be bobbed around if a player uses a big mortar or cannon or bomb or something. If they ever hit each other and get stuck for more than a few seconds they start to sink and melt/break up to clear the flow.

    Not sure about how well that type of physics would work in a larger multiplayer setting in unreal, but I think it's doable, and should be fairly simple to setup in engine with just a couple simple actors for the ice and collision, collision/boundary for the water, and a force/flow effect to keep them trying to move. Could probably prototype it in half an hour, so it might be something both more interesting unique than static terrain that could still be included with early cost limitations.
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  5. EvilKitten

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    They need to team up with Astroneer! (only on a much larger world).
  6. DiBBz

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    out of all the companys and games that you could imagine them teaming up with ember. you choose astroneer.

    m8 do you even entropia universe. the wild and huge scale and professions in that game could be the spice that brings ember to a whole-nother level

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