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Mar 10, 2017
Russia, Moscow
Almost 3 years since M3 milestone we waiting for a Playable Mockup. All that time i was watching how progress going. And now i wanna say what i think about all of this, and from many perspectives. Sry if i misspelled something wrong or there will be a misunderstanding, because English is not my main language, but i will try do my best.

Progress - it's really slow (yes, i already saw another thread with this message). When milestone is over there was promises that in 6 months it will be done. Ok, we hit more than we need for this mockup, and can do more for it. that's good - very good. And with this we know that timescale will be more than 6 months it's obvious, but not 3 years... I know that Mark is the single full time developer, but maybe that a sign that we need more than one full time developer for mockup. Or something else to do things faster. More ideas -> more need to do -> more time it will cost.

About progress info - as a firefall fan every demo i waiting with biggest excitement, and thinking what will be next, kinda surprise mechanics. But i'm also look at this as an investor, and i wanna see more info (lower there will be mini example). For every planned idea that will be in the mockup i wanna see it progress, and what happens with it now, more numbers, more than just overall progress on big things.

Mini example -
  • Playable Mockup:
    • Omniframes
      • Medium - done (100%)
      • Light - texturing (75%)
    • Movement
      • Animations - create drop animation (60%)
      • Gliders - testing (99%)
    • Enemy
      • AI - spawning from portals and running (30%)
      • Kaiju - create animations (65%)
    • etc
  • Movie for kickstarter:
    • Omniframe
      • Heavy - art (10%)
    • Body sliders (25%)
    • etc
Adding a vote, do you like this idea or you want to keep it as it is, or some own ideas (write in the comment).

I wanna see from first to last, every step. What's already done and what's not. To see for how long approximately every step can be in development. I think that community manager can do this in thread on forum. For me that will be more surprise if i will be knowing all of this, and then in the next demo i will see not a portals that done 99%, but light omniframe that done 50% (when the last time info was updated). About updating this thread with info if it will be added. You can update it every 2 weeks, like demos.

And now a bit with another topic. About what people can see, and what they can think. If they see that mockup must be in 6 months after m3, but it's not. If they see that we was get 5 times more money that nedeed. And now you can buy newcomer packs and subscribe (already 1000 subs). The question arises - why it take so long to do this mockup, and how it can even be with this kind of support. Many people will not even investigate, why and how this happened.

Last one will be about people that i call exclusive hunters and about raffles. After m3 is completed, there was a message that not even single person will not get this rewards, if i remember it right. But now in raffles people still can get it. Yes it's 1-2 ppl or more per chief chat, small numbers, but with every guy who got it this items will be less precious than the first time for exclusive hunters, and after words that "no one can get it" they feel like it's a lie. I know that is for PR to get more new peoples etc, but we can raffle only newcomer packs, or sub skins bcs they will come back late in the game.

Still devs do great work, very exited about updates. Love you all. And if everything goes right you will see some surprise from me (sneak peek - 2d live animation of one of the subs skin).


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Oh remember they did have a Trello with the progress but i couldn't find the one by maven, however here is one from Nano Technician

This would be a good way to visually see and have a link to check it, i'd also like to see change of the colour scheme to make it easier to understand and how many bars represent completion e.g.

Possible colour/bar scheme in trello to understand progress
White = Not yet

Red = On hold / Reschedule

Blue = In progress

Green = Completed

1 Bar = Just started

3 Bar = Half way

5 bar = Nearly done

I have to agree it is taking time and like to know the progress we all do for sure!

Why could somethings take so long hmm perhaps:

- Changes in plans
- Life obstacles
- Bugs / errors/ tweaks
- Funding not by 3rd party big company instead by the community
- Building a team gradually
- Tiredness
- Waiting for others to finish their work

Also this thread you probably read it already but here it is again

Since some have missed the M3, there will be opportunities when the future kick starter happens!
In the meantime cannot complain give away is a give away and while finding out more about Em8er there is a chance to get something too.

2d live animation of one of the subs skin
Hmm it better be on a smexy red bike !!!