PROC Simulator


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I like the idea of testing stuff and it could go to research as an example in warframe i'd use the simulacrum to test my weapons and builds.

For the railjack there isn't really one, so a nice thing to have is to test for vehicles, and even as a pilot out of your mek.

Perhaps in the Proc simulator you can also change the environment setting if you have already unlocked a certain biome e.g. a jungle biome, would mean you can access that environment & its hazards etc.


Aug 14, 2016
The thing is most of the places like that in games only let you test loadouts and DPS. That is all well as good. But for me that is not always enough since I like to use things like non-meta builds and even think up of meme builds. Because of this DPS is not always the goal of the build or playstyle I'm aiming for. So I would like to have a read out of other things that are important too.

- Incoming damage vs damaged blocked and/or absorbed by shields and armor (this comes in really handy if shields and armor block different amounts of damage and/or different types of damage. Not counting how in some games True Damage or Unblockable Damage are also a thing.).

- I would like to see a read out of my speed, acceleration, stopping power, and turning speed (in some mecha games, just like in car racing games, turning speed and turn radius are factors in how the mecha moves. For example in the Armored Core games there was auxiliary thrusters that you could place on your mecha to help you move sideways faster and/or do 180 degree turns super fast.).

- I would also like things like a range finder so I know how far different things are from each other or how far they traveled. Like if I was to throw a grenade I want to know the max range I can throw it and how far it bounces and/or roll before going off.

- Because I also like to play as stealth units in games I would like a read out of all things that would effect stealth in the game. Does lighting matter? Does sound matter? Does heat matter? In some games heat is one option you can use to track or find enemies so finding ways to keep your heat low also makes it harder for things like heat seeking missiles to find you. Does magnetic fields mater? In real life things like sea mines look for the magnetic field that ships give off to off. This is why they don't go off when something like a fish or random stick bump into them. This is also why navy ships have to be careful about their own magnetic field and have to demagnetize hull every so often to lower of risk if it effecting things. In fact in some other sci-fi that is how they know if an enemy mecha or ship is charging weapons and stuff, they can see the heat and magnetic fields they are given off making it so they know where most of power is being put into.