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Jul 26, 2016
Although this is a Em8er site, I thought I'd post some stories from Planetside 2.

It was a cool day on Indar at the Vanu Archives that June, before it all really went to hell in a handbasket. As a trained technician researching on nano weaving techniques based on the Ancients technology, ok, well, we bumbled through trying to really understand how it worked, but it was working with each trial. The effectiveness over carbon fiber strands and uranium armor was a total breakthrough, it effect to withstand even sniper fire from standard issues weapons was amazing. It had been three years of research, something fantastic was teetering on the edge of brilliance, it was like a light that shone directly into your being, it was intoxifying.

It all started when the President, Tom Connery was out on surveillance around Old Earth, when the Ancients Opened a wormhole to New Earth, or more commonly said as being, Auraxis. We sent across biodomes (plant life research), mining offices by the Corporations and all managed and organised by Earth Government, also now known as the Terran Republic. We still wonder why we war as much as we do now, and how we don't die and continue to repeat battles in an never ending struggle with no endgame or meta to fight for.

There are traces of life on Auraxis, you can wander the surface and hear it breath, and in some locations, a roar can be heard from below the surface, but still you can see ancient life, life that does billions of years ago, but nothing of the current inhabitants, the Ancients or as President Connery called them, a voice he heard and repeated "Vanu". When I first heard that name, Vanu, I thought of a Small Village in the Society Islands of Earth, so I dug into the archives, the ones we had from Earth. I'll read out the passage I thought it was relevant. "The loftiest mountain on this island is situated in the Northern extremity and is red in color" it goes on to read ".. some natives report the existence of a 'yellow lake" and that this village is called Vanu and is located on the island of Vanikoro. Can you believe it? There was a place on Earth, an Island and it's village was called Vanu. The rest of the record has been damaged over time, as the isolinear memory of the archives are getting damaged from lack of maintenance, oh well.

So our fight is endless, a few weapons manufacturers exist for each faction, solely to kill each other in more efficient ways, with Nanite Systems being able to be used by all, strange that they were able to fit each others hands, despite our difference we fight in Nanite System complexes, with Nanite System ammo packs and their medic tools.

It's strange this world, we're not able to be let out of the continents, there a mysterious pain field that keep us within each area, the same one that exists at our spawn rooms, do you think there's a connection? Between the zones and Nanite Systems? Perhaps it's because of the Vanu Technology they used, kept in plain paper packaging being neutral on a world that has no life other than the one we bring with us, each. Perhaps we're the new play things of the Vanu, maybe that's what the Terrans want us to believe. The Conglomerate still believe in money and the consumerism of life, heck, I'm no consumer, I'm a citizen and not a card carrying Terran, with their ID cards, ID cards, old technology, old thinking.

So, we stand here ,thinking, what does it mean to be Vanu. For one thing, floating tanks are cool. Wearing dark nanoweave clothing so dark that even a stone reflected of my lumifiber armor light at night looks like an enemy. It's really not any of those things. its about being able to evolve and not repeat the mistakes that we made. Mistakes made on Old Earth. So divorced we are from that memory that everything that was tied up in the world doesn't exist. Here we stand on a world that has that has human culture wiped away like breadcrumbs on the table.

Such heart breaking life events like dieing are removed. We're able to jump and reach location we never thought we could imagine to do. We are still trapped, when you start to look outside the pain barrier, don't you think? The only secrets are the secrets that keep themselves, don't you think. I've deleted most of my files and scrambled them with pictures from the net. I think I've seen something and I don't think the story has ended just quite yet.

I think Tom Connery was on the tip of a very large iceberg when he said Vanu. I think they haven't died. I think they're right under our noses and we're in their Island now.

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May 27, 2915
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