Pet, thumpr expressions


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
just wondered after watching bubble bee the film i did like the
idea of colours used to express the emotion e.g

When bubble bee was angry his eyes turned red and changed to blue when he was normal.

Then when looking at the picture of the thumpr vs kaiju see has a angry expression with eye brows and the eyes

Then i wondered what about sounds just like when bubble bee is sad makes a strange sound reminded me of when a dog makes a sound and give that look as if it wasn't them who made the mess :D

Also animation when a pet is happy the tail wags or if the thumpr has successfully got max resources do a stompy animation with happy face perhaps hmm


Aug 14, 2016
Idea. A beast master Omniframe. The frame would have below average offensive and defensive power, but above average processing power and flying time. The high processing power is used to link to the mind of animals and some plants to get them you help you. To keep this ability from being to over powered you are limited to being able to only control 3 or 4 animals at once. And the power of the animal changed based on if the animal is willing helping you (as in you befriended it and it wants to help you) or if you are forcing it do something (as in using mind control nanites or a brain spike to high jack their bodies). Befriending animals and getting to help you willing will boost their stats and unlock a few extra options (like you can harvest things like fur from them without the need to kill them), but takes a bit of time and some resources (like giving them food) to pull off. Meanwhile forcing them help you with mind control collars and the like doesn't give any kind of stat buff not extra options but is much faster to do.
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