Personal Updates from Grummz via Discord...


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Hey Gatestriders!!
Happy Spring and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!!

There are two personal updates from Grummz via Discord we have to share with you.

(1) Dated 14-FEBRUARY-2023:
Also, apologies for things being slow this past month. I took time off to do medical work for a family member who is recovering now. We will be back on track in 2 weeks!
We had some serious medical issues to get there here at the Grummz' household that required me to take some time off. But all is on the mend and I'll be back in 2 weeks.
Also, thanks to you guys, we upgraded our Mocap to an new optical system.
should be far less jittery and closer to AAA quality.
(2) Dated 24-MARCH-2023:
As you know, I have been on sabbatical for family medical issues that have taked a year and 3 months to finally resolve and make headway.
As of the 22nd we received the best news we could have, and it has enabled me to get back into Em-8ER.