Passive abilities


Aug 14, 2016
I was just thinking will there be passive abilities in this game?
And if so what kind of passives would you like to see?

I would like to see a critical eye passive ability. This ability will always highlight weak points on that you are looking at. This is a real life ability everyone who works in dangerous situations or in matters of life and death. It is when your knowledge and personal experiences on the matter alert you to things other people are not aware of. For example, people who work in engineering and/or construction for a given amount of time is far more likely to spot the weak points in things like building or bridge than a normal. Or a doctor spotting things wrong about a person before anyone else. This is the critical eye.

Because I like to play as characters that use high precision and accuracy as part of their main traits I would live to have an critical eye passive ability that as I learn more about the enemy, both their biology and technology, parts of their bodies, buildings, and technology will start to stand out more (be highlighted) so I can do the most amount of damage to them just by focusing on that spot. This ability would always be on and works no mater if you are shooting at them, meleeing, or planting a bomb, or picking the best spot to start drilling.


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
[Vehicle specific passive] Mainly vehicles that can carry more than 1
- Improves turbo boost
- Able to carry a few extra

[Scanner passive] Hammers and devices
- Improves range
- waves last slightly longer

[chained Medical passive]
- Heals slighty decreased
- chained heals for a small group e.g. 2-4 if nearby

[stalker passive]
- Stand still and gain 90% stealth
- Able to use semi auto weapons for a short time before stealth breaks

[Twin grappler passive]
- To use your grappler twice in mid-air
- swing grappler and knock an enemiey off cliffs

[Spider passive]
- unleash 3 spider bots to pester enemies
- Spider passive able to go on ceilings

[Glide strike passive]
- Dive into a mob and cause some damage
- Lighening storms slightly enhances passive

[Dance passive]
- Able to tiki dance until your feet are on fire
- Slight increase in regeneration


Aug 14, 2016
Ebb and flow
The ability to redirect energy constantly throughout all your systems. You can overcharge and overclock any system by drawing energy away from others. The total amount of energy is the same but rather than having it spread out through all your systems you focus it just a few systems.

In other words. the pilot is just doing things like this just on a smaller scale.
May 9, 2020
I'd honestly like to see passives that grow in strength as the player does certain actions like increase DMG/ACC/RELOAD for X weapon type or X% DMG vs. Y enemy type , it would be a great way to tie it the ideas of achievements with game play that helps create unique play styles. Another option might be passives that work like item sets in MMORPG's for the omniframe presets that players make and can name

I'd personally like to see passives (growth / omni set / standard passives ) that affect Missiles in someway such as increasing flight time/reload speed/AoE range/Direct Damage/Splash Damage etc. for a missile boat play style or a passive where standing still increase accuracy/damage/critical chance by X% every Y seconds for a sniper play-style


Aug 14, 2016
You like how in some MMOs players gain passives based on what they do a lot. Sure some gear and weapons have passives on them and there is some race only passives. But let's you like to play as a talk who absorbs and blocks damage. Each hit you block goes towards your character's understanding of blocking and making able to passively block more damage as the ability levels up. Like if you take enough heavy hits your character learns how to resist knock back and knockdown effects. And if they plays in teams a lot they also gain team passive to buff the defenses if teammates and friendly NPCs near them at they shield them from damage.

Personally, I like games the reward players for getting good at doing things and/or mastering abilities with passive bonuses that can not only make that ability better but could also help other abilities be better too, and even give you a kind of aura to help friendlies near you. Like for example as person who has mastered crafting can make items with better stats than normal and lowers the risk of failure. But this also goes into the aura effect they have, where when a teammate is trying to craft things while near them their odds of failure is also reduced as if your character is giving that other tips on what to do.

Mixing and matching passives is always fun in games that allow it. Like hidden abilities that only pop up for people who have gain the right combo of passives. This always works best in games with horizontal progression that are not class locked or have a classless system. Because it rewards players for playing their own way rather than on some kind of meta, plus if some passives act as auras too than it also making joining teams more fun as you never know how the other person(s) aura(s) will effect your abilities.

For example, like say one player gained a mining passive to help them know the best spots to dig and to avoid danger (like underground gas pockets) and other person on their team has the explosives expert passives (allowing them to more damage with AOEs from bombs, rockets, and missiles.). On their own this two passives wouldn't seem like they effect each other. But if you are fighting in a place with unstable ground with hidden cave systems and or pockets of flammable natural resources (gases, coal, oil, and the like) than the miner can share HUD data with the missile boat so when the enemy is standing over one of those spots they can aim at the ground to make an even greater explosions than normal. Because even non-combat focused abilities can help you in a fight if you use them the right way. This is something those of us who been in a few real life fights learn early on as part of survival. Just because you have a flashback of grandma teaching you how to cook while in a fight don't ignore it, it might be useful as she was telling you about the best way to hold a knife and cut between bones without using to much energy or getting the knife stuck.
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Aug 14, 2016
I think it would be a good idea to talk about possible synergies between abilities and passives. How can one effect the other? In the post I made before I give the example of the miner and explosives expert how their passives could end up making much more powerful and larger AOEs than normal.

In some games there is no limit on how many passives a person can have. As long as those passives don't actively work against each other you can create new abilities just from the effects of the passives. Some of this can be hidden secret abilities the devs added into the game but a lot of them are made up by the player base simply because it is impossible for the devs to guess all the different play styles people will have. Even more so if they are not the type of person to play can common archetypes a.k.a. The Holy Trinity (the tank who intercepts the enemy's attacks and survives the ensuing damage, the healer who keeps their allies alive by healing damage, and the DPS whose job is dealing damage to defeat enemies.). Because there lot of people who are like me and make up their own classes that don't really follow any archetype.

For example, in some old games I use to play I made a tank with little to no defense stats by putting all my focus into attack power, attack speed, and movement speed while using mainly melee weapons. It would seem like a normal DPS build, right? And for the most part it was, until you noticed that it is able to survive fights that alone that a normal melee DPS would need a team for. It has no real defense to talk of and yea is tanking hits without worry and it is healing on its own without the use items. How is that possible? It all comes down to the combo of 3 passives I used on those builds to what some of friends called a melee vampire or blood warrior.
  • Life steal - A percentage of the damage you do to the enemy with melee attacks is returned to you as health.
  • Blood Lust / Berserker - As you take damage your attack power and attack speed goes up.
  • Adrenaline Rush / Pain Blocker - When you take damage for defense are buffed for a short amount of time and you are immune to stagger / stun effects.
The reason I could charge into fights without worry of getting hurt is because by hurting my character the passive buffs would kick in making him stronger than he would be otherwise. And for every time one of my melee attacks hit I would recover some of the health I lost until my health is was 100% again. No matter how powerful or tanky the enemy was for as long as I was able to recover as much health from attacking them as I lost from them attacking me the battle defaulted into a waiting game unless one of us had the ability to kill the other in one or two hits. And given how my character has most of his stats in attack power, that one was me. Of course this build was not perfect, no one is, because being forced into things like ranged combat toke away the ability to steal health from the enemy and if they never damage me I can't get the defense buff. Meaning that range fights against enemies that didn't attack me directly was the hardest match ups.

And despite how some people feel that characters like this are OP, the fact of the matter is they are not because there are ways to hard counter them. This is why if you know that you are doing you can get by without using meta builds in games and just have fun. And more games allow for things like this than more people would think if they only focus on metas. For example to can make something like this in games like Warframe to make an immortal Excalibur if you wanted. lol
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