Osiris New Dawn review 2017

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Jul 26, 2016
Osiris New Dawn : 2016, Windows - Action adventure.
It is a first/third person sandbox survival sci-fi game.

Picture showing the eventual Osiris Universe

The game attempts to model real world science fiction themes and uses the Unity Engine.
The scenario needs to be better fleshed out and a storyline needs to be developed. It doesn't necessarily need to be a scripted events. It starts with you with a breached suit and you tape up the suit, but then doesn't give you other than basic tips. After playing for about 3-4 months, I found out that you can get hydration from the sap trees that are scattered across the map.

It's only as popular as if people play it and can support each other, so it's better in groups. The team play aspect in this game is set as colonies, but you need to trust each member not to destroy or take resources collected. It has offline, private group & Online with persistent servers with only 18 Players per map. You can make teams, colonies and have friends play. There are PvP as well as PvE servers and really requires player based teamwork.

There's Global, regional and local, teams and colonies chat.
Four critical areas of hydration, nutrients, air and health. They seem to get triggered equally regardless of damage received.

There are different classes, engineer, scientist, marine and ranger. The gain more XP against each field in the skill web, with ranger being an overall class, you level up and attribute stats to your toon and it's really a case of win equals survival.

The spaceship uses a horizontal takeoff system, very unwieldy and unconventional.

The AI is predictable but also unexpected. You strike a resource node once and receive your first wave (1 or two AI), remove these and about 5 minutes of mining either 1 or 2 appear and none for the rest of the day. The opponent AI is dependent on the type, some charge directly, some circle around, the more advanced AI appear at night. They appear to be rules based AI. Then they use an attack script against the player. The AI is balanced, as it allows you to survive and resume. It would be nice if it wasn't as predictable and there were roaming mobs or more mobs based on noise than just activity.

One of the larger mobs inside an instanced cave system

The weather effects shouldn't come inside, this being storms, dust, liquids and AI but are enough of a hinderance that it comes an issue, you can lose players very easily over terrain so you need to be in vocal contact, it's very hard to navigate otherwise.

Navigation is a real pain, but you use the terrain landmarks to get around

The scenario places you at a crashed pod, why you have crashed is unknown. You need to go from the sandy world towards solid ground, setup a camp and then start resource mining. The cut scene when entering areas needs to be shorter.

The weather can turn bad very quickly.

The momentum on planets seems unrealistic, when you jump you come to a complete stop. When standing still, you sometimes slide and this gives you a floating sensation that makes the situation feel unreal.

The difficulty of AI, item degradation, amount of resources, environment can all be adjusted.

Death is a feature

Being able to place items on platforms would be advantageous as the ground needs to be level and walls are haphazardly placed to find those green areas.

The visual interface needs to be made clearer, move the information dialogue from front centre to another location. Asset Lighting in game should be made adjustable and also a package item, currently unrealistic. The current pickup animation is too long. Would be nice to have a GUI free screen that allows pictures/video to be taken and published online.

Some parts of the starting planet are very beautiful

it's still in alpha and seems to jump in quality from each release.
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