Open world with new technologie ?

Jul 26, 2016
Has been talked before, here's Grummz response:

Distributing the simulation is one thing. The real issue is the cost. Its no good to throw more CPUs at it when every CPU costs you a lot of money to rent in the cloud. Also, the bandwidth issues are real. I've spoken to these guys (Improbable tech) and they could not tell me if it was cost efficient. Also, since they run a full copy of Unity of the servers, that itself is very inefficient. They let Unity do all the physics work. But a full stack of Unity on a server is a hog for what it needs to do. So again, more $$$.

What they've done to distribute simulations is good work, not downplaying that accomplishment. But without a way of doing it economically its a big business problem and threatens making your "nut" every month to keep game going as a commercially viable thing.

Also, we don't use Unity and they don't support Unreal.

Edit: Final note. You have to rent your servers from Improbable, what is their incentive to keep it cost efficient?
Feb 20, 2017
ew unity *hissssssssssss* but its good to hear u guys are strong on your apporaoch about being cost efficent and all :D


Jul 28, 2016
I was looking for a post in the forums talking about this before I created a threat about it. It popped in my recommendations in youtube, a guy talking about SpatialOs, so I got very interested in it.

It seems by the time this thread was made, it didnt support Unreal Engine? And by the time that Grummz talked about improbable, things were different? Well, i dont know much about gaming tech stuff, softwares, etc... but now things are different, maybe? Dont know if the costs of having SpatialOs are still as high, or if it is still as unreasonable to be with those guys, but it would be interesting to hear another word on this topic !

These were the videos I saw that got me interested in this.


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Jul 26, 2016
@Harven there has been recent discussion on this topic.

From the Chief Chat on Nov 3rd:

I talked to the SpatialOS guys a long time ago. And to be honest, from my experience of server technology, there was nothing they were doing that I thought made business sense for us or much technical sense. That may have changed, it was two years ago when I talked to them. Maybe they've improved since then but, to be honest I haven't seen a major game use them yet; and until I see that happen I'm a little skeptical after talking to them.
Thanks to @Faeryl for digging it out.

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