Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


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Oct 28, 2021
I know tank classes and command classes are not super popular in shooters but I like to believe that somewhere somehow someone who played CoH Masterminds is looking at this post and just say 'Thats the one.'

1) Heavy Frame

2) Primary Commander* / Defense

3) Heavy Reactor: Meaty defines heft.

4) Ability 1: "Bulwark" Ability 2: "Reinforcements"

Bulwark is a call down where thick heavy plates are called in and dropped at your location or are delivered nearby where your frame will then 'equip' this extra armor sacrificing its already limited mobility for impressive defensive capabilities.

Reinforcements; This is where my fantasy of a commander type are actualized This calls in Friendly AI that generally follow you around and will attempt to do its best to protect you or attack enemies. Might make it so you can call in a squad of infantry a set of tanks or a light mech. Options here are whatever you think is fair.

5) Shoulder Mount: Auto-Turret/Command Module

Auto Turret is self explanatory just a turret that takes pot shots at enemies or is a defense system that shoots down missiles near you but the command module is tied to reinforcements and would allow an additional call in or command points allow you to pick and choose what you want in a call down.

Imagine that a single light infantry unit is 1 command point and you might have 10-12 Command Points in total, so you could decide to have a squad of 10 light soldiers with you or a tank costs 3+, or a heavy mech costing 6-10 so this allows you the player to choose what forces you bring in. Would be cool to have a drop ship or drop pods hot drop them onto you.

6) Primary: Melee Hammer Secondary: Mini-Gun or some form of MG.

7) Name: Field Marshal/Living Fortress/Commander

Appearance: Thick combat frame or a moving fortress the field marshal is designed for holding the front line or securing a local field its shield may be significantly larger than other frames much like a tower shield.

Feel and Actions: The Field Marshal is a rolling fortress that will take time to get anywhere its mobility options allow it to 'keep up' at a reasonable pace but when things get heated it will bulk up hunker down and like a bunker that refuses to consider any option other than 'melee' or 'danger close' This frame will more often than not be tied to the ground and offer itself as a living wall.

It will be heavily dependent on the frames around it for dealing with ranged enemies. If you are ever in a situation where you need to retreat the best case is that your soldiers/drones/AI will throw themselves at whatever it is that taking you down so you can get close enough to defiantly slam your hammer against it.
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Oct 29, 2021
Wow, I have read some really increadable builds and skills on here. This may come off as a little boring.

Frame: Medium
Power Balance: Offense(40), Deffense(40), Mobility(20)
Reactor: Medium
2 Abilities:
- Overburn: Allowes your jets to continue going after depletion at the expenses of shield energy consumption. Sometimes you just need to make a tactical withdraw.
- Shield Inverter: Uses your shield energy to boost your health regeneration. Hate it when conditions melt you down after the fight is already won.
Primary Weapon: Plasma Rifle - Semi-automatic. Medium range (Approx. 200m). Small splash effect on impact (target and adjacent targets only). Highly accurate, but no magnification. Think shotgun, but with 3”Magnum slugs instead of shot. Precise, Powerful, Practical.
Secondary Weapon: Arc Cannons - Single charged shot. Long range (800m to 1,000m) very powerful. Twin cannons mounted in the spine of each wing of frame. Great agains large or stationary targets. Drawbacks are player must be stationary while charging and firing. Reset period until cannon can be charged and fired again.
Shoulder Weapon: Hornets Nest - Micro missals. Short to medium range (50m to 300m). When activated hover your reticle over a single target, or group of targets to activate tracking. Short burst of approx 20 micro missals. Think Iron Man’s shoulder rig in “Avengers” during initial portal swarm. Good against trash mobs or again large, slow targets.
Name & Description: I don’t have a name for this. I just felt with all the amazing abilities that people have mentioned, it’s easy to overlook the simple but effective play style. This should be a fairly easy and well balanced Omniframe for anyone to pick up. Fun for both casual players and pro’s.


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May 6, 2018
1) Frame: Medium frame

2) base playstyle: offence everything about this frame is about pumping out damage and controlling the battlefield with lightning every once of energy is put into lightning generation.

3) Reactor size: medium reactor

4) ability's: primary: fire a orb of ball lightning that seeks and explodes in a sphere around the target

secondary: force a huge lightning to strike the area dealing damage and stunning the enemy's in the area

5) Shoulder mount platform: fire 5 orbs that split and chase down different targets

6) primary (energy based) charges up and fires lightning that chains to near by enemy's the more charge the more enemy's it chains to

secondary weapon (expends ammo) assault rifle based on railgun tech full automated

7) Name it and give a brief description of how it looks, feels and acts.
Z.E.U.S (Z)ealous (E)nergetic (U)ltrastructure (S)uit

looks: if the frame could generate lightning discharge from the structure of the mech that would look good.
feels: the frame should be a close to medium range frame and the lightning from the primary weapon should deal more damage the closer you are to the target forcing the player to chose a more aggressive playstyle, adding a risk reward system for close range.
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Aug 26, 2016
Specialty Frames.


1: Ultra light frame.

2: Power balance : Offense 20/ Defense 10/ Mobility 70

3: Light Medium Reactor

4: Abilities Stealth and Active life support.

5: shoulder mounts are high zoom cameras for scouting with blind flash ability for those oh crap moments.

6: Primary Weapon, Energy blade does extra damage from the back and stuns targets.
Secondary Weapon, Plasma pistol, quiet to shoot but medium damage.

7: Name Wraith: This is a frame that it for scouting deep into non-terraformed areas. Also good for getting behind enemy lines. This a small frame to begin with so it would be harder to see. Very fast, much easier to dodge bullets and incoming fire and out run enemies when running away. The stealth requires the higher reactor which is why the rest of the equipment is so light. With stealth on you must move at a walk or the frame will pull energy from the stealth unit and stealth will break, same with firing your weapons. The life support allows for deep scouting without taking damage from the unfriendly environment. Basically for finding new territory to take and disrupting enemy attacks and defenses. Option shoulder mount would be a very slow recharging directional EMP for disabling technology and point defenses.


1: Heaviest frame

2: Power Balance: Offense 20/ Defense 70/ Mobility 10

3: Reactor: Heavy

4: Abilities: Large frontal shield that drains an energy pool when hit. Sonic Hardening wave: sends out a pulse of sound that makes the metal in out suit vibrate at a special frequency making it tougher to damage reducing all damage taken by self and allies within a certain range for x seconds/

5: Shoulder mounts are heavy missile launchers use ammo or artillery battery that uses ammo.

6: Primary weapon: Rail gun, charge up and fire magnetized discs. Slow fire rate but hits hard. Also uses ammo. Can't be used when shield is deployed. Secondary weapon smaller personal shield for shield bashing melee. and blocking bullets after taking enough damage it will break and need to be repaired.

7: Name Armadillo: Heavy defense frame for protecting allies in battle and on front lines. Good for pushing an assault on an enemy base with your allies behind you. Also good for setting up defense points for our own bases. Slow but can act as a temporary mobile bunker.. optional shoulder mounts, a retractable bracing system that would hold additional energy capacitors to power the shield but would make you completely immobile while deployed.


1: Medium Frame

2: Power Balance Offense 5/ Defense 40/ Mobility 55

3: Medium Heavy

4: Ability Resupply, channeling this can refill one targeted frame ammo back to full on cool down as nano machines make more ammo. Scan Radar, area scan giving all players in x range a small mini map with active radar showing enemies. Can also be used to find resources if not in combat.

5: Shoulder mounts, supply launchers can launches packages that can be picked up by players which can give small amount of ammo and small repair kit also on cool down.

6: Primary weapon, air blaster. Fires large very strong burst of air short range but if fired at enemies will do some damage and knock you and them back. If fired at terrain will blow you back or up if fired at the ground. Secondary item, smoke generator. Creates a small area of smoke which covers you from enemy sight. Helps when resupplying

7: Name Kangaroo: Mobile support frame not really good offense air blasters does low damage. It about getting in and around a battle field efficiently, and using your cool downs efficiently to help your team. This would be a frame that really requires you to be very alert and understanding of a battle. A good player playing this could increase his teams effectiveness 100%.

That should be good for now.
I guess this is an appropriate thread to say I'm fucking loving the new light frame designs, more recently the Wraithe concept art. You guys really took into an aesthetically and functionally pleasing direction that I didn't really expect it would actually go. It's reminiscent of FireFall usual frame design, but somehow...updated...different...better...sleeeeeeeeeeeeek. COOL! :cool:


Mar 7, 2019
Medium Reactor
Temporary Shield
Alpha Strike
Shoulder Mounted Missiles
Plasma Rifle w/ shrapnel grenades

Sleek styling, reminiscent of later Macross fighter models. Valkyries
were designed to fill multi purpose combat roles, but are famous for
their ability to carry out bright light rescue missions. Dropping
from the sky behind enemy lines, their DF-9 shields provide a
temporary defense against directed energy weapons allowing time
to engage and disrupt enemy lines.

(An improvement of the BD-5 barrier defense system, the DF-9 has earned the nickname "3 beats" in the field as the barrier lasts for approximately 3 beats of a human heart.)

In the hands of a skilled pilot the Valkyrie feels armored without being sluggish.


Omni Ace
Dec 15, 2016
Medium Frame
Heavy Reactor
Balanced allocation

Radion Wasteland - Releases deadly radiation around the frame for 45 seconds within a large area. Radiation damage increases the longer the time passes. While inside the area, enemies have a 40% chance every 3 seconds to become irradiated, disabling healing or health regeneration.

Necrotic Desolation - Disperses highly infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi around the frame for 45 seconds within a large area. Infected enemies become slower, weaker, and psychotic. While infected, enemies release this contagion upon death, causing more to become infected.

Necrorad-Psionic Control Emitter - This shoulder weapon is capable of irradiating, infecting and mind controlling enemies at the same time. Kaijus up to category 3 could become a necro-irradiated zombie titan for Velah.

Microwave Irradiator - Emits deadly microwave that boils enemies alive from the inside out.
Necrowave Scrambler - Destroys the genetic coding of enemies, causing uncontrollable malignant cancers and body infections.

"Black Death" Scythe - Two handed melee weapon capable of irradiating, infecting and mind controlling enemies at the same time.

Velah Balkarou's ultimate omniframe, Pestilence is an engine of apocalypse capable of turning battlefields and habitations into deadly, inhabitable zones. Many Gatestriders are appalled about Velah's method of fighting when she is in the front lines. Corpses of Tsi-hu become deadly cadavers and some even become irradiated zombies under Velah's control throughout the battle. Even the most towering kaijus fought could become a chaotic enemy among the Tsi-hu ranks, turning most invasions into enemy infighting.

"I don't know, sir. Velah's definitely sick on the head. Maybe you should arrange a therapist for her after this."
-Terry Wachowski to Base Commander Fallon after seeing Velah Balkarou maniacally laughing over dead Tsi-hus.


Omni Ace
Dec 15, 2016
Light Omniframe
Medium reactor
Built for survival at expense of firepower


Psychotic Rage Hormones (instant, 20 seconds) - Disperses rage hormones around the frame, causing the affected to become berserk and attack anyone. However, affected enemies also increases their melee weapon damage.

1) Sensory Camouflage - Mind Rapist is less likely to be attacked by enemies.
2) Overdose - Psychotic Rage Hormones inflicts increasing damage over time.
3) Necrotic Rage - Affected enemies become Infected and can pass this debuff around.

Scramble Neurons (instant, 20 seconds) - Sows discord amongst the enemies by causing confusion. Enemies are more likely to perform random, chaotic actions.

1) Acid Trip - Affected enemies become whimsical, running or walking around fleeting.
2) Delirium - Decreases enemies' combat awareness.
3) Psychotic Horror - Enemies cower in fear.

Shoulder weapon:

NI-50 "Rebel" Neuropolarizer Conduit - Disrupts the mental control of category 0 Kaijus thus, are more likely to attack the master.


Amnesiac Hammers - Twin hammers that can disable or cancel abilities of enemies by striking the cranium.

Primary and secondary weapons are up to the pilot's choice.

Mind Rapist is based on Velah Balkarou's earlier career theses before becoming the infamous bio-nuclear terrorist we know today. Originally, the theses contain possible weaponization of external mental disruption. The frame focuses on causing chaos in the enemy ranks, but is less likely to use direct force. Keeping fast and heavily armored, Mind Rapist's survivability is unparalleled in combat, sowing discord and confusion before retreating.


Kaiju Slayer
Ark Liege
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
1) light frame with multi fire modes on weapons semi/burst/auto/charged

2) Defense 35, Offense 35, Mobility 30

3) Small reactor with more improved efficiency

4) Adaptive Stealth Generator - Makes the mek cloak in various conditions dependent on the reactors efficiency.

Surveillance A.I linked systems - Creates an holographic overlay to the pilot's view to see potential threats with Ultra zoom tracking and other useful information such as analyzing weak points or study further in its movement patterns. Plus to be able to see in Wraith spectral imagery from thermal to night vision, X-ray etc this is incredibly useful to see in a choice of visions to find clues and secrets.

5) Precision laser cannon this weapon focuses on high concentrated beam which improves damage on key weak points. With the use of Surveillance A.I linked systems this will further enhance its dmg potential.

6) Primary Sniper bow a 2 in one weapon that changes into an advanced auto style tactical bow for short - medium ranged combat and a semi auto style Sniper for long range. The weapon uses suppression tech to make it not heard, this also controls the energy emission and directs it back to the energy system of the reactor if excess energy is created.

If the energy emission reaches a threshold the warning indicator will appear and require to flush out the excess either directing into the highly charged darts to cause a massive dmg focus shot.
Alternatively to increase the movement speed of the frame.

Failing to flush the excess energy will cause severe system dmg to even complete shut down in the worst case scenario.

Secondary Bracer blades with firing darts
This weapon can be used for cqc and the darts are especially good at slowing down the opponent and for its tracking cells.

7) It is called the Shadow Eye

The unit provides balance to support in defense to offense. Shadow Eye does one thing well silencing threats with minimal disruption, going behind the enemy line, to helping out stranded friendlies out of hostile regions.

Its design is an aerodynamic frame built for efficient bio mechanics and energy flow control.
Also excels in reconnaissance to provide better knowledge connection for the A.I and pilots linked to the network.


Tsi-Hu Hunter
Feb 4, 2017
1) Medium Frame
2) Mobility Focus
3) Heavy Core
4) Limiter Release (Overload the core for more power use for either offensive power eg. energy-based weaponry, or for mobility eg. increase of speed with use of thrusters/verniers. To balance it, it can increase heat buildup or potentially damage components of the frame)
Core Vent (Fires energy forward damaging enemies ahead. Damage is determined based off available energy reserves. After use, it will 'stun' the frame until sufficient power returns for movement)
5) Rocket pod (ones which fire rapid amounts of forward-firing dumb rockets)
6) Primary - Akimbo Energy rifles
Secondary - Energy-based sword (not a lightsaber, but a physical one where the length of the blade is the laser aspect of it)
7) Silver Glint (guess what game I'm paying homage to, and yes, visually if I can, I will make it very similar)
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