Old Firefall players, please respond!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Vedemin, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Valaetoshiru

    Valaetoshiru Scout

    I am wondering if there will be a special place for old FF founders. :(
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  2. insp

    insp New Member

  3. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Sure, in my heart. That was a great community back in the day.
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  4. Thalyin

    Thalyin Deepscanner

    heya ... now back to lurking like usual
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  5. RX-74

    RX-74 New Member

    I haven't played since 2011/2012 so I can't remember my forum name but I played with the Rhino battleframe.
  6. OldRockgod

    OldRockgod New Member

    Haven't played Firefall in years, joined in 2012 payer for about a year or 2 but after that the game stopped being what I wanted to play
  7. hashtag_yrmom

    hashtag_yrmom New Member

    Where is Branny-kun? I want to pinch his spicy nipples.
  8. GainerFlash

    GainerFlash New Member

    MalZero/Gainerflash/whateverotherusername here. Just another member of the Firefall OG Founder Master Race.

    No replays, but I have this potato quality screenshot from Beta. Ahhhh, good times......
  9. ARES Five-Five

    ARES Five-Five New Member

    Exactly! And as I said, seeing as I've only been around for the past YEAR, this gives me a second chance to come in on the ground floor, enjoying all those Founder perks and events and such! :D
  10. Fac3man

    Fac3man Firstclaimer

  11. lfamvo

    lfamvo New Member

    Guess I should poke my head from the shadows. One of the oldie founders here too.
  12. Komotz

    Komotz New Member

    2011 Beta player reporting in.
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  13. DeadSkullzJr

    DeadSkullzJr New Member

    I told you already, I always come back.
    DeadSkullzJr~Jul-27-2016~Diamond Head~1~p1.png
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  14. Dinova

    Dinova New Member

    Founder's Pack: Commander
    Dinova reporting for duty, Mammoth class.

    But I feel like I lost all my screenshots, afaik they were on the drive that died last year :(
  15. Darsan

    Darsan New Member

    Hello, guys!
    Darsan, former Fansite MVP (FirefallToday.ru).
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  16. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Been a firefall member since sept 2010. The dream lives on here.....
  17. Luisedgm

    Luisedgm Player One

    Firefall Beta Tester reporting
  18. Crispy

    Crispy New Member

    Founder from the days of closed beta, when FireFall was still fun to play.
    Firefall IGN: Rakshaza
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  19. cedar

    cedar New Member

    Exercitus Balatronis!!! WHERE MY CLOWNS AT?!?!
    Cedar, reporting in!

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