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Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Had a moment of nostalgia when posting on the invisible walls thread. Wanted to start something here. I had mentioned an old friend, Xeus, and ran down memory lane. Took me back to my Jedi Knight II Outcast days.

There are folks here who are young, middle of the pack, and "aged" gamers. But what I wanted this to be about is simple. We have talked about our firefall memories a lot here. So why not bring up other top experiences with clans and guilds from past games.

My greatest days in gaming are tied between JK2 and firefall. I rate this in terms of high points in fun and length of time invested. Pretty much covered firefall already so wind the clock back nearly another decade to JK2.

I started off solo in maps and just had fun. I didn't really like FPS yet but JK2 had lightsabers and force powers, I mean, COME ON MAN! RIGHT?! YAAA! So in JK2 if you stopped to talk a blue box with white trim showed above your head. Back then if you attacked someone like this you were called a lamer and sometimes chased or admin kicked from the server. I loved hunting lamers to the extreme. Ended up butting heads with one better than me. Lol dueled over a challenge of I win, he leaves, he wins I join his clan. So I became part of Dim Side (yes in a star wars game...not joking).

He was a young kid and a bit if an idiot but also great imagination to make the game fun. Skipping through that, he ended up messing with FC (Force Council) and they were some really bad add dudes. So we sacked Dim Side and their server. Lol

So here I am, part of Force Council and intro the best gaming days (until firefall). FC paired up with OMNI and we were one of the top notch groups among all servers. This was also the only time I was an elite anything in any game. People sat in queue to our servers to challenge me.

But JK2 with the sabers and force powers presented a different way to create your own lore and gaming experience. In FC we had Gor, our High Emperor, and four other Emperors. They each created a faction that specialized in different styles of gameplay. Each faction had its own ranking system.

Arcana had the fps division that fought pretty much only with guns. One of his test was epic. He took his subordinate into a small room and dropped the flight speed of rockets to a crawl. Purpose was to teach them to dodge projectiles. He'd shoot a few dozen rockers while they had to walk, jump, what ever to live. Naturally he had God mode on. Naturally the map shook....a lot.

Rune was more of a thinker and not so much an great fighter like the other emperors but his guys held their own with specializing in force powers. They thought up all the clan ideas and improvements. Helped make everything super fun. Best idea was the bounty system and website medals for achievements. The bounty system was amazing. Gor would talk with other clan leaders from random servers and ask them if it was ok to 'mark' someone from their roster. Then post it on our site with a time frame to get the kill. The medal rankings were very rewarding too. Maybe more ok that later.

A couple other emperors like Jaycouger weren't as creative but were awesome at the game and good people.

I was offered an emperor position but turned it down. This started my kink for playing support rolls. I asked to be a guardian at Gor's side. This gave birth to my elite squad of protectors. Only as any members as there emperors....and it took a long time to fill.

We were saber and force use only. Highly maneuverable and very vicious. Capable of going into custom servers where force was turned off and still devastating the map. Gauntis was the only one who was my better and also took over for me when I stopped playing the game for Star Wars Galaxies. I remember protecting Gor to the point he would log out to change his name so he could even game. Haha

But FC got huuuge. Spread out over dozens games and more than 1100 members at one point. Our guild in Final Fantasy 11 ranked number one for 14 months straight on their linkshell which got Gor and Jaycouger (FC creators) a video conference call with a couple of the higher ups in FF11's dev team.

Now people know why I am usually quiet, otherwise I reveal how long winded I am. But this community has all sorts of reasons to be here and excited. Firefall and JK2 are why I invest my money and hope into Em-8ER. Thank you Em-8ER for the volunteer time and efforts given to us thus far.


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Here is my nostalgic adventure i'll just choose 3 games of each that influenced me the most!

Mine started off with:

Nintendo entertainment system:
Games: Solar jetman, teenage mutant ninja turtles, super mario bros 3

Super nintendo:
Games: Super contra, Super mario kart, Super R-type

PC windows 95:
Games: Descent, Destruction derby, Command & conquer

Sony playstation:
Games: Metal gear solid, silent hill, wipeout

Sony ps2:
Games: Devil may cry, psi-ops, Rachet & clank

PC windows xp
Games: Max payne, splinter cell, midnight club 2

PC windows 7:Need for speed 2 underground, L4d, Firefall

if i had to choose just 5 games from the whole list it would be

Super mario kart because it was fun and yet frustrating when getting bashed off the track by bowser :O
Megal gear solid because it was my first stealth game that i could hide in a box and get freaked out by psycho mantis :D
Need for speed underground 2 because of the customization to vehicles and the career mode
Devil may cry because i love how cool it was slashing away the enemies in mid air and using pistols
Firefall because glider, bike, thumper, npc, chosen scum, Copacabana, music, events etc


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Totally with you on the NES TMNT, Mario 3, all Contra, SNES Super Mario Kart.

If I wanted to add to the consoles I would go with SNES Final Fantasy 6 (3 American release). I'd say FF6 is better than FF7....ya I said it, but FF Tactics is the best FF of all time.

PSX would hands down be Xenogears, a top 3 RPG across all systems and worth playing now. But a lesser known game that if you were really good to get the highest achievement of beating it in less than 90 minutes, is Brahma Force. Cool friggin' storyline with God awful lip sinc but an extremely well done early mech game in many facets. Also a quote that is stuck in my head often. "I am Dionisio Vega, welcome to my domain."

Then the first three of the Suikoden games that are amazing.

After PS2, I dropped out if the console gaming. PC for life!
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