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    Well.. just to the DEVs (and to ppl that are interested):

    Would/could you use this as engine for another game? (Im not begging for it, just asking if you could/if you are able to)

    (Yeah,, kinda trying to tease you a bit xD but ain't hurting sometimes ^^
    And im also a HUUUUGEE fan of the Cube engine (or rather the Cube 2: Sauerbraten or Cube 2: Tesseract engine (Cube 2: Tesseract is the successor of Sauerbraten ^^).
    Thats why i dug it up some time ago...)
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    Since no ones replied, I'll give your question a stab. Essentially it's a different ecosystem, they might have mesh models but everything else is incompatible in terms of how it's handled by the engine. That is the scripting events, maps etc are written specifically to handle in certain way if you like.

    There's also a question of commercial use licenses and copyright restrictions of the engine, of which UE gives certain rights towards it's ability to produce content, as in it's a content creation platform. These come in enterprise or custom licensing. If I remember, Epic charges a 5% royalty based on gross revenue for the use of UE 4 under the free license as well as upfront fee of $99 and royalties on any revenue greater than $5,000.

    Personally, that's the price you pay to use (lease) out an engine that's been developed over time. For FF, I can see why the offset fork was very attractive in that respect.
  3. Nunaden

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    welp, the thing with octaforge is its actually free and itself is a fork of the Cube 2: Tesseract Engine, which is currently in alpha (as far as i know...). You can even get it over GitHub. :p
    But, yeah, stuff there is different, it uses (probably, but i think it goes the same road as its predecessors) MD5 and again the old Octree based map system.
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    Pretty neat to see Cube 2 mentioned on here :) I'm the Project Lead of Platinum Arts Sandbox myself and talk to q66 on a semi regular basis.

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