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    Firefall was played in Brazil. I'm from Brazil.
    The game was really bad when it came to getting things right. To be honest, it made no sense to me the choice to have the game be played in Brazil instead of Hawaii - because most assets, art and references had Hawaiian roots or inspiration.

    The only Brazilian reference in the game was maybe some Brazilian Portuguese lines here and there. But some things were very annoying, like Aero having a russian accent pretending to be a brazilian woman, or a voicepack for the male character that clearly sounded like a Spanish man (or a man from a South American spanish-speaking country) trying hard to sound brazilian.

    I'm not asking for any type of real world reference - and there's a huge chance Brazil won't ever get mentioned - I'm just asking to not do it if you're gonna half-ass it or make something so nonsensical that you end up offending people or offending their intelligence.

    I remember when I would ask about this on forums, people would almost murder me. I also remember Aero saying a complete nonsensical PT-BR line in a story mission that pissed me the hell off - it was worse than a broken Google Translate. It made me go ask in the forums "wtf is this?". Some time later, the line was changed, IIRC.

    TL;DR: I hope I don't see stupidity being defended as "poetic license" in this game.
  2. Silv3r Shadow

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    defnatly see your point, also I hope there wont be any merica freedom implied on us,
    What you said also reminds me of the overwatch hero Road hog, (from Australia) he has 2 tribe skins, which are from New Zealand, not Australia lol. I guess he's from New Zealand lol, at least junkrat is
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    This made me thinking *ouch*. Both Firefall and Overwatch are futuristic games happening hundreds of years in the future. Seeing how multiculturalism is spreading like plague in world today there probably won't be differences between brazilian, hawaiian, australian or anything else in 200 years. It will all just blend everything into planet-wide monoculture unless nations put extra effort into protecting their unique cultures with razorwire against mass immigration and obviously need to promote their identity and traditions to children.

    You can already see damage of this process, when traveling I like places to have their unique feel, unique food, unique art and everything. If wasn't for old architecture travelling around Europe would be like going from one side of a living room to another. It used to be so diverse and beautiful and can still be seen outside big cities. In cities it takes form of a bizzare display only for tourists, but locals don't identify with it anymore.
  4. NanoTechnician

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    And since Crixa isn't on Earth, I don't see it being a future issue.

    But, in saying that, who know what accents or language is being used in the future.
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  5. Pandagnome

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    Emoji's appearing on the visors and various animated actions then again we could just link our brain to our mini computer and it would transfer it to someone else on screen with no talk just tada comply!

    Multi-lingual/ancient symbols/numbers and musical tones mashed up into one unique language with crazy encryption so that a person relaying secret information could do making any that intercept have a trickier time to figure out!

    Personally i want a dark cybernetic japanese sounding accent because even though i dont understand it just sounds amazing :D

    or a judge dredd/solid snake/robocop voice with added synthesized effect
  6. NitroMidgets

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    Given humans desire to label, categorize and judge everything I am sure we would have just come up with a new system to do the same thing in the future. The lore already has us coming up with names for our variations in our enemies. My faith in humanity is confined solely to our vices and self destructive urges.
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  8. SomeUnregPunk

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    This is proven to me every time a tenant tells me their toilet/sink/tub is clogged.
  9. NanoTechnician

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    I see the first true casualty is going to be the interior decorating industry.
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  10. MattHunX

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    Uh...Aero's accent wasn't Russian, though. Don't know where you got THAT from.o_O

    Hers was a cute-as-hell possibly quasi-Brazilian accent THAT I WANT TO HEAR, AGAIN (in EM-8ER)!
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  11. Kouyioue

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    Reality is unrealistic

    not all of us asians have little 6-year-old squeakbox voices, thankfully.

    Plus it's a very major(_direct_) plot point anyways
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  12. ObsoleteVodka

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    But she actually didn't sound like brazilian at all. You just believe it because probably all the non-american accents sounds the same to you.

    It's like when people with little to none knowledge of English says British and Americans sounds pretty much the same.

    Trust me, I'm native spanish speaker from South America and I've been exposed to some brazilian culture and language too thanks to Brazil being part of the region. In fact, I'm currently hosting a Brazilian girl in my apartment through Airbnb.

    I loved Aero too. Yes, she was cute. But she didn't sound brazilian. To me her accent felt more like german or something like that.
  13. MattHunX

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    Hardly. I can differentiate between American, British (and Scottish, Irish, mainly - not sure about Welsh), Australian (if I get THAT wrong, the person is probably from New Zealand, then), South African (maybe), hard to tell Scandinavian, Swedish or someone from the Netherlands, because their English tends to be pretty good, including their accent (always find that impressive). I can sometimes tell a German accent, French. Oh, yeah...and I can (almost) always tell a dopey Hungarian by their English, because 99% of the time it's awful.

    Of course, because they probably didn't study the two enough to know the difference. Even if they learned some beginner or even intermediate level English in elementary and high school. Because there they tend to force "British" English and when some poor sap goes to some "reputable" grammar school, then gets out to San Francisco, they can't understand a word for the first two months they're out there. Happened to a relative. I blame it more on the education system. And a little less on the person for not recognizing how crap it is.

    Sure, I can certainly trust that. Better than script-writers and whatnot, anyway. Especially these days.
  14. Silv3r Shadow

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    Not saying I don't like Aero, I like her but she talked too much, especially repeating the same things again.
    Her lines were scripted rather than static. What I mean by that is, if you come across a nado her and oilspil get exited and are surprised to see it every time, "what's that on sin?" Etc etc. On the other hand with accord command they were static (Mostly).

    If she said a couple different lines for each event like, 'there's another tornado, disturbance in the weather nearby, etc.
    Smaller precise than long scripts.
    Or at least don't repeat the story scripts after the first run
  15. NanoTechnician

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    Considering it was scripted, it was a good repetition. PRO TIP: SHOOT THE BIG GUY!
  16. Torgue_Joey

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  18. NitroMidgets

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    Stop pretending, you know damn well what you did. There's one of millions of things I can't stand and forgetting what you did might be on that list. I will have to ask that lady I live with who keeps saying we are married, however I am pretty sure it is on the list.
    Maybe it wasn'twasn't a list. I might have started said list but never completed it or yeah. Let's just not do that thing it was I was talking about again, or not.
  19. Sagesmith

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    It's a problem thats easy to fix. Hire someone with the "correct" accent, instead of half assing it. I'm baffled at the choices made in games nowadays, because it's a pervasive problem among many games. The thing with the future setting is, as long as the history is explained i can cope with accents shifting across heritage.

    EDIT: Maybe cope is the wrong word. Maybe better to say, that i don't mind it.
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  20. Kouyioue

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    Unfortunate implications for 100% of all future acting jobs xD
    It'll be a very dogged future where everyone is forced to wear race badges again, nevermind things like adoption or immigration or genetic appearance verbal-tics
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