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    Just realized this place has no posts. Come on fellow table top players represent.

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  2. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    There are quite a few us table top gamers around already. I'd wager that most folks are waiting until more information on Crixa is released before we get to rambling about it. That info will be coming in time.
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    True, and I can't wait. However, I find it sad seeing zero threads/messages when scrolling down the main page. Also I almost forgot, IB4Fooni entire sub forum.
  4. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    you are one considerate chicken
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  5. SunderPlunder

    SunderPlunder Well-Known Member

    That's one way to tell off someone :D
  6. Despair

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    I'm waiting for Masmorra...a Tabletop game through Kickstarter :D ....i want to buy Crixa too

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