New Web Site is LIVE!


Jul 27, 2016
California, CA
the front page of the new website looks great. I did however get stricken with brief dizziness with the bottom of the page (my eyes don't know how to focus immediately on the image). Maybe it's just me but every time and my eyes catch the fighting kaiju and mech scaling up as I scroll down it feels overwhelming to my eyes/perception. Maybe have it scale less quickly or not; there's a lot to perceive in that image


Kaiju Slayer
Max Kahuna
Jul 26, 2016
The site is looking exceptionally slick, several times better than the previous one I must say.

Quick suggestion though:

The video on the uppermost banner is acting funky for a few. Perhaps have the video as an inset that you can click to play, somewhere on the site, instead of being the banner itself. It seems like a resource hog. In fact, you could have just a poster and a write-up as the banner and inset the video in there.

Edit: Further oddities I found:

If the website is opened while the browser window is reduced in size, I get this:

State 1 small.JPG

Once you maximize the browser window from this state, the video does not load and you are faced with a grey panel:

State 2 min to max.JPG

In this state, the only way to get the video to play is to reload the entire page.

Reduce the size of the window again and the panel reverts to the poster of the THMPR.
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Max Kahuna
Max Kahina
Jul 26, 2016
The video on the uppermost banner is acting funky for a few.
This definitely needs work. The frame rate of the top panel video is a slide show. It looks much better (Firefox and IE tested) if the play speed is upped to 2x. But then it gets a bit fast, even if it is much smoother.

The bottom panel has a weird zoom effect when you get to it that really needs removing. It feels wrong to the point of being disorientating.


Jul 27, 2016
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
This site needs a FAVICON!

The picture in the "BATTLE GIANT KAIJU" section looks a little blurry. Need a higher resolution picture and better focusing

Scrolling the site on my smartphone doesn't look very smooth. Maybe because the pictures are too heavy, I don't know. The forum scrolls smoothly, but does not

I like the dynamic and smooth view in the "TERRAFORM A PLANET" and "FINISH AN ANCIENT WAR" sections. But the video in the banner itself is a little annoying, because the number of frames in the video is too low.
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Max Kahuna
Max Kahuna
Forum Tech
Jul 26, 2016
  1. favicon.ico throws 404 error
  2. Assets need optimization and CDN, takes whooping 6 seconds to load just one large image on 100 Mbit connection in Europe. Compression on images alone cuts 63% from 12.1MB to 4.45MB
  3. Images should be lazy loaded and responsive, rescaling of 2560px image on mobile is unethical :eek:
  4. BATTLE GIANT KAIJU poster image is too small at 1024px and will be stretched blurry at any resolution above that.
  5. Video could be cut shorter, use better compression and improved framerate
    AV1 codec of the future covers most desktop users already and improves performance many fold


Omega Founder
Nov 13, 2018
New website looks great on my cell using chrome. Except the top picture is showing only the top quarter of the thumper mech and not scrolling down to show the whole picture. 3rd picture of terraforming isn't moving as well. All other pics/slides working well.